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Re: Nudity... Not sure where to post this..
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Published: 19 years ago
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Re: Nudity... Not sure where to post this..

we were originally *innocent* of knowledge of good or evil
the good or the evil is in your own conscience
if youpercieve soem thing to be evil but do it anyway, then it is you
goign aginst your own self and will result in guilt.
if youpercieve it as not, then you will not, feel that way.
i could quote you scripture til th cow s coem home...
it still isn't going to chage how you inwardly ffell your self.

when i was growign up/ i never saaw myparents /even my mother
ever ..even in a bra...
this lead to a very limited idea of human sexuality.
it also put me in a spot of vulneralbitliy because of ignorance.
i got enlighten d preety fast when i was raped at age 12 !

i was shocked one time .when i wne tto a riend shouse...
who's fate r btw was a 4 star general.
we were palying ,and when into the hall, andher mothe rwas walkign thru the hall
nude as a jaybird..
i had never sen a womans body.. and i was stunned (i am a woman btw and htis happend
when i was young)
so anyhow.. thru the years, i amd e apoint to look at other womens picture setc ..
jstu to see if i was normal... sicennoone at home was tlaking
and i was certianly not goign to tellthem about the rape!
(in myhouse, I woudl ahve probaly been beat fo rit and blemd tha ti twas myfault anyhow)

well, fortunelaly fo rme. the time s then wer ethe woodstock days..
it was a yea rafter woodstock.. and so everyoen was opening up to
bieng nude in *innocennce* with love and respect fo reach other..
i was fortunrle te to liv ewith several people hta t had thoguths along these lines..
when i ran away, and i belive it affected the reas to fmy life.. thogut patterns.
(btw i was never raped livign with people that wer ein thei sline of thought)
most folks that think along those lines.. so not see the body as a sex object.only.

i grew up aspendign a great deal of my younger years goign to nude beache setc..
noone was a jerk or there jstuto oogle the googles *smile*
(exceptht he jerks that few over in small aircraft totake pics / or drunk boaters
whoha dno clue...
i have always walked aroun dmyhouse nude/ evne when my kid swere young.
they grew up with very solid identities and good groundign of them selves
i stopped out a of a courtesy to tehm / in hter normal growth as htey began to get older..
and wanted moe privacy fo rthem sssselves..
so youahv eto be sensitiv eto those around you ...
when i was unable to even get up/ an dofetn just ha dmy underwaer on, my middle son,
woudl help me sit up, and wouldpullmylegs around sicen i oculdno t feel them to mov ehem myslef.. and help prop me into asitting position.. it neve r bothered himand it never bothered me/ tho out of courtesy to him i would ask for a sheet and cove rupa bit with it..
i hav enp stillundressign with my kids near.. i jstu say don't look i'mchanging..a nd they knwo weall have a unaid agrement you enve ropen a close d door without knockign ad waiting
to gain permission/ these ar ejstu noraml respectfulthigns to do.

the only time i ever saw any part of mymother nude was itn eh las tweeks of her life,
when a sheet on her bed accidentlaly slipped, and i saw about 1/4 o fher butt.
it was a very awkward mometn fo rher.. (tho not fo rme)
I canno tsee how a huamn body could possible y be ocn sidered evil when undressed..
it is in the eye of the beholder /or the mind of the perciever.
i do no t see how/ beign nude chages a persons charcter to choose to do soemthign wrong..
to say tha t sya soemohoew tha tit it YOUR fault they chose wrong..
that is liek sayin g a youn g woamn who goes ot a dance plac e to dance and social ise/
is askign to be rapped becuas eshe is *moving sensually * ithink youge tmy drift.
btw it is legal to walk in your houe nude and on your property alos/
if it is nto exposign oen sel fin open view (i fyouahve a 6 ft privacy fence aroun dyour house then legally in mos tstaes youare fine..) iti si ok to walkin your hosue nude
as laong as you a re the paren tand it is part of your beiefes, around young children..
bu tif the child ren aorun dyou are NOT your s then youare in serious error agains t they law, and o fcourse itf youare doig npedophilethign swith your cyouknwo wha ti amen.
youcna answer your own doo r nude if you want..
(tho i would.t go that far lol)
but !! i fyou do tito expose your self, or tak e one step out into public view you are illegal.
if you stand in your window and open ly expsoe your self where a neigbor can actively see you / youare illegal.
if you are jsut passign by/ and have curtian setc.. then youare ok.
one state i think i twas Maine? even voted tha twoemn can mow hter lawns topless
that they can go topless but not bottomless. sicen men can do this alos. in public.

seriously women a tyour ymcas often are far mor eunderdressed than you woudl think theymight be
in a public place around small children .....!!
most true nudists/ tend to respect peopel s rights and dress jstu fien in public..
they recognise the different adn do not feelthe need otgo flanutn themsleves *flashing*
walkinto any bar and take a gnader at teh girls.. most ar e tehre to flash thier wares
(i am speakign in gernal..) sicen i knwoit is a palce wher e folsk go to get socialization/ but fact s are facts/a dn showign off the bod int hsoe palce s is a part of the atmoshere.
a true nudist doe snot feel a need toflash.. they feel veyr comfortalb eint ehir human sexual iden tities and don't need the public aknowledge mtn of it..
i woudlsugges thto/ if youdo go nude or sleepin nude tha you keep a body wrap near door/ or near bed when sleep in cas eof energency/ should youneed ot exit your hosue quicky.
my thougts. *)

i stillthink the same as i did then, bu tunfortunelty ecasue of a bad relalife occurace 12 years ago/ i nwo fidnmy slef styign almos tcompelely coveerd unles s around my kids..
beacause i ahve a grat many body scars.. which don't bothe rme , but it makes other s stare
and creates sel fconcious awkward momets fo rothers ... soout of repect fo rthem,and becaue i wan to be treated liek others/ i sty covered up...

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