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yes i agree/ and...
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Published: 19 years ago
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yes i agree/ and...

i dont'thinsk that adam and eve clovered them sleve form nudity /more form / shame that htey had realised they ahd done soemthign wrong..interest ign also is tha tNON o fhtem accept ed responsiblity fo rhter actions !
adam siad oh look it was HER fault.. the woman YOU gav eme...
lol SHE did it/
and she aslo did a simialr thign sayign it was teh ssnake that made me do it! lol
neighter one upped and said I chose to do it/ and youahd said no..interestign sid e ramble.
weare all stillin the blame layign procees to this day are't we ? *laugh*
actually God made clothesa nd taught them how to make clothes ..and it states wHY becau se they ahd to leave the garden/ and in teh garden there was no need, cause it was the perfect place.. but out side the garden.. they no wwoudl need cloths fo rwarmth and protection..
he didn't jstu toss them out on theri butts.. he taughtthem how to fashion clothes...
so that they woudl survive..
they weer already accostoem dto carign fo rth egarden, so obviously they knew that
in history allthru the ages, youcan read most folsk enve wore clothes unless for warmth and esp most slaves seervnat setc.. unless they lived with a weathly person did nto own clothe seither.
many cultures stillto this day do nto wear clothes/ until we caoem and *enlighten them * *laugh*
hereisan interestig side nto e alos..
teh Maori women were jstu fine, veyr healthy women, til we americanized them.. now hte rateof anorexic/bulinic/eatign dis orederd women has dramaticlaly incresed !
we took happy healty woemn and diseased them with our american view/ that soemhow a strved lookign woman i s *normal beautif ul and to be desired * i personally find it sicken ing 8(it is oen thign to need to lose wt for beeter health another to chage the whoel mind se tof wha tha d been a healthy culture and deteriorate it to such a mindeseet. 8(
oh well ramblign on .. as ususal 8)

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