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Re: Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide in Healing
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Published: 20 years ago
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Re: Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide in Healing

Dear Tim,

I've tried to reply a few days ago but the Oxy forum would not be available to acces.
Any how, wow, you have come a long way from the beginning of all your illnesses to where you are now. Way to go!!!!
As for me, I started my treatment 5 or 6 days ago. I've been taking the 35% about 6drops in 10oz of distilled H2O only once a day b/c oh my!! it tastes aweful. I often feel really nauseated within 15 to 30min of taking it. I start having increased amt of sputum. I suppose that is b/c of the increased (toxins) therapeutic effect of the HP. Do you get nausea and or vomiting? I also add about a tsp Colloidal Silver to it and drink also once a day.
I've also used the HP bath up to 1qt once a day. This is my day's highlight. The first day I used it I was bloated for two days and started passing so much gas, it was embarrasing, not to mention constipated. I also had a terrible Body Odor right after the first bath that I had to take another bath and sit in my bath room built sauna for over 30min (turn on the hot tap water and ensure all doors and windows and under the bathroom door is sealed with a large towel to keep all the heat in the bathroom and whala, you have the most private, individualized sauna in the making. Great effect if bathroom is small). I do the bath 15 to 30 min each time and let the bath water go. Then I turn on the hot water as HOT as it will go and just sit on the throne (toilet) until I begin to sweat then I turn the hot water to hot enough to handle and srub w/ a lofa (spelling) sponge and soap from face to toes with, quickly dry myself and turn the water to HOT again and break in profuse sweat again then quickly run in the HOT water OR as HOT as I can handle and rinse it off. I sometimes rub 1/2 to 1/2 or more HP than water on my skin while the HOT water is on and I'm sitting on the throne.
I have healthier looking skin, softer and can tell by the look on my white towel that I've gotten rid of the dead skin each time I take the HP bath. No need for deodorant if HP bath every day!. I cut myself the other day and noticed my blood is now a shinny bright moderatley thick rosie color compared to dark burgundy and thick prior. What's the reason for this? I wish though that my wound would heal faster. That way, the sinus tissue would heal faster also.
I'm definetly more energetic. Its amazing, I didn't think I was necessarily fatigued but I certainly have alot more energy and could get away with 5 hours of sleep compared to before.
I noticed that if I do not take the HP bath once within 24 hrs, I began to have general achs and aching back, stuffy nose, chills, you know "the flu lkie symptoms". I now have faint headachs and my body sort of pulsates with every respirations especially if I don't follow the regimen at least once bath every 24hrs. I must also add that I used to have this pulsating symptom prior to the HP whenever I was tired.But now I tend to only have it right after a treatment or if no treatemtn within 24 hrs. All this must be "detoxing"
In addition to all this, I take vit C 1000mg, 400mg CoQ10, garlic 5-6tabs, Golden seal, quercitin-c combo of(350mg quercitin /100mg vit C.Spirulina and alot of fruits. I also do the vegies drink 2-6. cups /day. I drink anywhere form 1/2 a gallon to a gallon of distilled h2o a day. I've noticed my sinus are better but I know I still have the allergies and definitly the infection.
This is a long one I know, but this is my update so far. The Charcoal will be delivered w/in the next couple of days and I will start that, I might just do the baths twice a day.


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