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Re: Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide in Healing
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Published: 20 years ago
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Re: Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide in Healing

Yes, peroxide doesn't taste very good, but at only six drops it shouldn't be all that bad... As far as the nausea goes, some people get, and some don't. Are you taking it on an empty stomach? I've been taking it first thing in the morning, then again around noon. My first meal of the day is lunch, after my first two doses of peroxide (I usually skip breakfast). Then at night, I only do peroxide baths, skin absorbtion, vaporizer, etc. I find that if I drink the peroxide within five hours or so after eating, it makes me nauseas. I think this is perhaps because the peroxide reacts with the food or something. If that doesn't help, another possibility is that you have a large amount of bacteria or candida in your stomach or intestines, and the peroxide is reacting with it. If this is the case, it should soon clear up. The final possibility is simply that you have a sensitive stomach!

It sounds like you're creating a steam-room effect in your bathroom. A steam room will make it seem like you're sweating, but unless the room is very hot, in reality it's just the water vapor from the air condensing on your skin. For a true hyperthermia treatment, you need to make sure your core body temperature gets up as high as you can tolerate (generally 100F to 103F.) However, (in my case at least), the more you're detoxing, the less you'll be able to tolerate the higer temperatures. Unless you have an actual dry sauna, taking a hot bath is probably the most effective way to accomplish this. It might not seem like it, but you WILL sweat a lot even while under water. However, don't make the water TOO hot! A water temperature of about 105F to 107F is perfect. Use a thermometer to make sure. If you use water that is too hot, your skin will heat up faster than your core, and you won't be able to tolerate it for very long. Stay in as long as you can tolerate, at least a 1/2 hour (up to several hours.) Also, always drink lots of water and increase your salt and potassium intake, since all the sweating will make you very dehydrated.

I also have lots of bloating, gas, and Body Odor , it's part of the detox process! The bright red color of your blood is because of the increased oxygenation! Put some 3% on your wound, it will help it heal faster. Have you tried the vaporizer method yet? It should be very effective for your sinus infection. Try using the vaporizer in your bedroom overnight while you're sleeping.

Some activated charcoal tips: The powder is very messy and will likely get everywhere. It's easy to clean it off of smooth surfaces, but if it gets on fabric, it can stain it. Start at 1tsp (about 1 or 2 grams) mixed in a glass of water a half an hour before each meal and increase up to as much as you want. The more heavily you're detoxing, the more you'll need. However, the more you take, the more likely you'll become constipated. To counter this effect, increase your fiber intake and take psylium fiber mixed in with the charcoal. Since it passes right through you, it will make your stools black! I'm currently taking 2 tablespoons twice a day (about 18 grams per day)! At this high dose, it can cause poor fat digestion, gas, bloating, and even intestinal obstruction. In this case, it may be neccessary to take a laxative or do daily enemas. I've had to do daily enemas since starting the large amounts charcoal. However, unless you're extremely ill, and are going through a massive detox, you likely won't need to take this large of an amount anyway. I'm following the Dr. Shoemaker protocol. He uses 16 grams of cholestyramine resin (Questran) per day for his chronic illness patients. Questran is a prescription drug that works in the same way as activated charcoal, and also has all the same side-effects.


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