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Re: Hi Tim
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Published: 20 years ago
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Re: Hi Tim

Hi Rosebud,

Yes, I know how terrible the die-off can be. I went through it myself. It took me about three months to get through the worst of it, but perhaps it would have been easier if I had had a clean liver. I had already done eight flushes, but as I've discovered I still have a LOT of stones left. I'm at a maintenence dose of about 25 drops a day, and it doesn't cause me any negative reactions any more even at twice this dose, as long as my digestion is good and my bile is flowing properly. What dose are you currently taking (how many drops per day)?

Oxygenated blood is bright red, while dark blood is not as oxygenated. Chronic illnesses (such as MCS, CFS, and fibro) are associated with having overly thick blood, so by making it thinner and more oxygenated would actually be a benefit. Perhaps you should buy a book on oxygen therapy to find out more, there are several available at

After 13 flushes, I've found it isn't neccessary to follow the instructions explicitly. In fact, I've found that the only important thing is drinking oil on an empty stomach. I've had successful flushes without epsom salt, at various times of the day, without lying down, without sleeping, without citrus juice (although I wouldn't reccomend this), doing multiple flushes per day, flushes two days in a row, different kinds of oil, etc. I find the number of stones I get out varies with each flush, but I dont think it corresponds to how I do the flush. For example, I did a flush yesterday using a 1/2 cup of olive oil shaken with 1/2 cup of grapefruit juice. I did the flush at about 6:00 pm, and I used no Epsom Salt or anything else, I sat in bed and watched TV afterward. Three hours later I was nauseaus, and I had pain in my abdomen, so I did an enema. I got out only about 15 green stones, but my nausea was much better. This morning, I did another enema and got out about 300 more stones, many of them quite large!

On my previous flush four days ago, I had used epsom salt, but only got out about 50-100 stones. My opinion is that you don't really need to follow the instructions exactly to have good results. You don't need to wait two weeks between flushes, try doing them as often as you can tolerate. If you're not going to be doing enemas, then the Epsom Salt laxative IS neccessary to get the stones out - otherwise they will tend to constipate you and block your bowels. Drinking the oil without juice IS still effective, but tastes bad, is difficult to swallow, and will make you very nauseaus, so I wouldn't reccomend it.

I tried the zapper, but it didn't seem to do anything for me. I'm a bit skeptical of it, but I'm also an open minded kind of person, so I won't say it DOESN'T work since I don't have enough experience with it. I bought a cheap $10 one, so perhaps it just wasn't made right or something... Lots of other people believe that it's helped them, while other people have found that it doesn't. But I'd say it's worth a try...


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