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Re: Has anyone been able to reverse premature aging by doing liver flushes? I have been a candida sufferer for most of my life and now suffer from rapid aging.
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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: Has anyone been able to reverse premature aging by doing liver flushes? I have been a candida sufferer for most of my life and now suffer from rapid aging.

To me it smells like hormonal problems. Did you do your female hormone profile yet? If not- do it, it should go around 200-300, a complete one; saliva testing is better than blood. Once you get the results- it could provide you with a big clue. I am about your age, male, and I was glad I did my profile. I think I have a good sense of smell when it comes to hormonal problems; my girlfriend is about your age too and I was barking to her for a while to get her testing done (over the internet: order, fill with saliva, send and wait)- girl I was glad we did it, it revealed many things.

If your skin is flabbing around your eyes, it likely your adrenal world is screwd up. Why? Because it is your primary and the most important hormonal factory, yes, most of female hormones are made in the ovaries, but everything begins in the adrenals, which, I think, are the most underrated organs in the body. Not enough sleep, physical stress and yo-yo dieting stress (incl. prolonged fasting- keep that in mind and don't laugh at that) are the first reasons you get adrenal fatique. And among many things adrenals also produce mineralcorticoids, which regulate mineral balance in your body, that means if you have stressed out adrenals you are likely to have salt-potassium imbalance. Adrenalin and cortisol are the best known hormones of adrenals, you are fine untill you exhaust them, after which your are certainly to have a cascade of problems.

One interesting fact. Adrenals has the highest concentration of vitamin C in the body! yes, the ascorbic acid is all over the body, but the adrenals are the place. Native americans, after killing an animal, first used (still do?) to go straight to the adrenals, not meat! They take out adrenals, slice up in equal parts in according how many people were present- and they eat it! Raw! They knew imortance of adrenal galnds and vitamin C! So, if you have adrenal problems, you absolutely must take care of this most research vitmin on the Earth. And everybody remember: this is serious, not a bad joke! And adrenal fatique could very well mean automatic vit.C shortage problems, incl. skin problems. And cracked skin (for me- around knuckles) is (was) very well known for me.

It might be that these hormonal problems could be just a symptom of something even deeper. For example, candida albicans has 70+ (sic!) known (hown many unknown??) toxins and It is also known that at least one of them can easily damage delicate synergy of adrenals- adrenals just get poisoned like you can get poisoned eating unwashed unorganic grapes (that happened to me and don't wish taht to anyone). And all that not counting all other parasitic organisms; and that is very very likely that candida albicans is just one manifestation of bacterial dysbiosis. Could be also a specific parasite- then zapper, Colloidal Silver and things like that should be considered. Consuming silver and zapping (and other things) wouldn't be a bad idea anyway.

Also adrenal fatique could be manifestation of something but not cause in a sense that whole endocrine system might be affected: pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, pancreas, ovaries (testicles in men), since we know for sure that there is pituitary-adrenal-ovaries axis (by the negative feedback pituitary regulates secreting sex hormones) yet another masterpiece of the human infinite wisdom!. So, you might look more closely how does your sex system functions- skin problems could come at or around the time you started to have sex challenges.

A few people noticed my skin was improved. Four things come to mind now that, I think, made my skin as it should be: lots of clean water, probiotic rich food (yogurt, kefir), vit.C, and cholesterol (best form fresh raw organic egg yolks), which is super superfood.

So, these are just my thoughts. It could be something entirely different. And everything could be just congested intestines-kidneys-liver.

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