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Re: Wrong place for science?
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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: Wrong place for science?

Hi Michael,

>>Is it in realm of possibility that the substances used in colon cleansing may affect the screen of sialic molecules as well? I do not know.<<

Well, you're moving outside of my areas of expertise. So the following comments are my 'commonsense' [I hope] views.
I was under the impression that leaky gut syndrome was where the cells of intestinal lining itself were compromised by inflammation; I had never come across the notion that a healthy gut with a compromised mucus layer would cause leaky gut syndrome. So I am rather surprised by your comments. But I
still come back to my thought that mucus is an easily generated substance, and that even if it is swept away by something, it'll replace itself pretty easily. I have to stress again that this belief arises out of my own fundamental beliefs about bodies etc, rather than from any evidence. Part of my reason for believing this is that when doing a cleanse, a person will have plenty of mucus accompanying the MP as it is expelled, and this abundance of mucus is present for as long as the cleanse is proceeding - ie it doesn't dry up, that is what I'm pointing out.

It sounds as though there are 2 worldviews in opposition here. One is:

Mucoid plaque exists. It is old faecal matter adhering to the intestines, acting as a site for the generation of toxins which flow from it into the gut, and whose presence, adhering to the intestinal walls, prevents that area of the intestinal wall from being used in the proper absorption of nutrients. Thus it is doubly unhelpful. Psyllium husks and clay can pull this matter from the intestinal walls, and expel it, as part of a 'cleanse'. By doing this, cleansing improves the function of the intestines. [My own addition to this: even if this pulling of MP from the
gut pulls off mucus, this mucus will be easily replaced.]

The other is:
MP is a kind of artefact - it is merely mucus and psyllium, and possibly Bentonite [if present - I understand that MP can be expelled when the cleanser is only taking psyllium husks], congealing and hardening during a 'cleanse'. The gut is a very effective self-cleaning system, and MP does not exist as a long term 'contaminant' in the bowel. The bowel relies on a
fragile mucus lining to keep it functioning well: compromising this layer can cause significant health problems: it may be that the substances imbibed during so-called 'cleanses' can compromise this fragile mucus lining and thus cause health problems.

My responses to this second view are: 1) I find it hard to believe that a mucus lining is as fragile, as important, and as hard to regenerate as you imply. 2) I find it unlikely that psyllium husks possibly with clay, which seem to act like a soft, moist broom sweeping down the gut of someone who is typically imbibing loads of water or juice, will be more disruptive to
any mucus lining than, say, hard faecal matter moving extremely slowly along the gut of someone who is highly constipated.

>>About the penny--it is difficult to comment on an anecdote for which you have to trust that someone is telling the truth, but I concede that just about anything is possible.<<
You see, to me, the story about the penny isn't some incredibly remote possibility that I would have to adjust my belief system to accommodate, whereas to you, it does seem to have that incredibly remote status. Why? I assume it's because in spite of your affirmations of open-mindedness, you really do come here with a sceptical agenda.

>>What are your thoughts about how doctors doing colonoscopies on older, unhealthy people never find mucoid plaque--just clean, pink flesh?<<
Well, I think this has been raised by another poster, and I'd be interested in your response to him/her. But even before his/her intervention, it had already occurred to me that faecal matter is the natural occupant of the gut, so if the gut shows itself to be clean and pink and free from any faecal matter, then some pre-op cleaning process must have been carried out.
It could even be that the kinds of pre-op cleansing that are done, are highly effective, and expel MP, although of course it wouldn't be recognised or described as such by the medical staff doing the cleansing, as they wouldn't believe that it exists.

very best wishes,


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