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To #41683 - I fasted on nothing but water for 21 days, and I expelled a mucous plaque rope

My Complexion is Glowing
Oxy-Powder Attacks The Source Of Your Constipation, You Will ...

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My Complexion is Glowing
Oxy-Powder Attacks The Source Of Your Constipation, You Will ...

Original Hulda Clark
Hulda Clark Cleanses

DeniseMarie Views: 15,499
Published: 16 years ago
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To #41683 - I fasted on nothing but water for 21 days, and I expelled a mucous plaque rope

Hi #41683,

When I was 21 (Iím 42 now), I fasted only on water alone, took nothing else at all. No tea, nothing but plain tap water went into my mouth. On the last day of the fast, I took one enema. A black mucous rope came out from it. It was about 4 inches long. It was pure black, and rubbery and smelled putrid. I was instantly shocked and (fearful), because I thought I actually expelled my colon. Because it looked like it, the mucous takes the identical shape as it, as the mucous clings to the colon wall.

I was young and just started to try fasting. I didnít know anything about mucous plaque. Then I saw Dr. Jensenís book ďtissue cleansing through bowel managementĒ, and then I was relieved to see what I expelled. It looked the same as the pictures. Mine was pure black, putrid smelling, and took the exact shape as the colon. It looked like a rope with figs attached to it. It looked like my colon, exactly.

So yes, mucous plaque is real.

Here is a post I did on another board (written below) if you are interested in reading, of someone else also having doubts about mucous plaque, and my reply to him. When your body is at a perfect alkaline/acid level, the mucous will loosen off the walls and you will expel it. With only drinking water, your body comes to a perfect alkaline state, and thus the mucous will loosen off the walls and be expelled. I have tried juice fasting for 35 days, and nothing came out. I think my body was at a too high acid state (as my body is normally). So I have plans again to try only water to rid myself of the whole mucous rope. I tried many fruit juice fasts, but nothing came out. Then a friend who owns a health food store told me about Dr. Richard Anderson book ďcleanse and purify thyselfĒ. She said that if your body is not at a perfect alkaline state, then the mucous will cling to the colon walls and not expel itself. Then I finally understood why it expelled on water alone, but not all the fruit juices I was drinking later on a fast. My body was at a perfect alkaline/acid state. Maybe even carrot juice, and other vegetables like parsley etc, will have the body on a better alkaline level to expel the mucous rope. A high acid level has the mucous hard, and clinging tightly to the colon walls.

Take care,

Here is my post written on another board:

I fasted once for 22 days when I was about 21 years old (Iím 42 now). The last day of the fast I did an enema. I excreted a short black mucous plaque rope. It was the shape of my colon. I actually thought I excreted a part of my colon because the mucous takes the shape. It was black, and very hard. I only excreted about four inches of it.

As you fast, (and if your body is at a perfect alkaline/acid level), the mucous will loosen off the intestine wall. If I continued to fast longer, I'm sure I would have excreted the whole thing. I was very young and only 21 at the time and never heard of mucous plaque before. Then I found a book by Dr. Bernard Jensen ďTissue Cleansing through bowel managementĒ, and then realized what I excreted. His book has pictures of other people who expelled the same thing that I did.

It's a build up of mucous that gets very thick over the years. Usually when you have a high acid level in your body, (usually caused by a high Sugar diet - bread, milk, such as mine was). The black rubbery mucous plaque I expelled also smelled quite putrid. I'd like to do a longer fast some time to excrete all of the mucous plaque that lines the walls of my lower and upper colon. You will then have a higher absorption rate of nutrients.

My brother actually followed Dr. Bernard's technique just last year, and he expelled pretty well all of it. He even took pictures of it. He said he lost about 10 pounds of just the mucous plaque. He also says he feels great after getting rid of it. I wish I would have taken a picture of mine at the time. But, when I try it again, this time I will take pictures of it, and possibly video shoot it as well to show others that everyone has this on their colon walls. Itís just a build up of an overly mucous diet, and poor diet of too much junk foods.

Some doctors who do biopsies say that the mucous plaque is as hard as cement inside the colon wall. They canít even cut through it. But, when you fast, it will soften, and loosen from the colon wall, and you can then excrete it. It is hard for nutrients to be absorb through the colon when it gets so thick and hard like that. Usually a high acid body level has it turn so hard, and cling so tightly to the colon wall.

But it is all quite true. Holistic doctors and medical doctors do not necessarily see health in the same way. Medical doctors go only by what they are only taught at school. And if they donít, they will have their license taken away from them. I had a good medical doctor who also believed in holistic medicine, and had so many testimonies of people healed by going the holistic way where the drugs couldnít. But he can not teach it or like I said, his licence to would be revoked. There are many medical doctors that turned holistic, after knowing for themselves, that drugs arenít always the answer, and drugs also have side affects and can make the body even sicker. I have never taken drugs, I have only gone the natural way.

Take care, and God bless,


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