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Update on my oxypowder experience...thanks for the help!
mountainluvr Views: 11,220
Published: 18 years ago

Update on my oxypowder experience...thanks for the help!

First let me thank everyone for their responses to my post "does laxative tolerance effect dosage of Oxypowder ". I was totally new to the ways of healthy living and clueless...all of your helpful tips were wonderful and very supportive...I REALLy appreciate it!

I had expected my Oxypowder to arrive on Friday; but it didn't come until Monday. I took advantage of a snowday and decided to go ahead and start...I just couldn't wait to the weekend; and I was feeling so bound up...after hearing so many bad things about regular laxative use I just hated taking them any longer than I needed to. I started my first night by taking 10 Oxypowder pills. when I first awoke, I thought it wasn't going to do anything...but it did! I didn't experience any of the cramping or pain that I normally get with the ex-lax. No emergency trips to the bathroom; but could see/feel results.

Last night I decided to take 12 oxypowder pills. The results today are about the same but more pain, no cramping, but it is definately working. As of noon today, still no EMERGENCY trips to the bathroom...but I do have...well how do I put this politely...butt pee. Overall I feel good, and I am happy with my purchase. I finally am getting that "clean inside" feeling after years of not treating my body right. I am SO DONE with laxatives! In hind sight I really wish I didn't listen to my doctor all those years...that constipation is normal! What a crock that was.

The only thing that I noticed is that my bottle must have been treated rough by the postman because some of the pills are broken open (not the safety seal, just the pills themselves) I get powder all over when I take them. Oh well.

Now, I have a few questions and hope you all will be as supportive as last time. First, I thought that when I started this cleanse that my skin would improve. I have been having Acne break-outs for a while; and have gone the route of anti-biotics and brith control pills...about 2 weeks ago I stopped taking both, and started taking zinc suppliments. I saw a great improvement on my more cystic acne; and this weekend for the first time I had no NEW break-outs for 3 full days!!! But, now that I have started the oxypowder I am breaking out! This is the opposite effect that I had wanted. WHY IS THIS??? I feel so much cleaner inside; so why is my skin acting like this? The only thing that I can figure is that I am liquifying years of built up toxins in my colon, and as this is happening some of the toxins are being re-absorbed and pushed out thru my skin. Is my thinking correct? Any advice?

Also, I have been having some wierd dreams. As I start to fall asleep I have such vivid dreams that I actually think I am awake; until I startle myself awake again, and realize it was not 'real'...these dreams are almost like halucinations...a feeling reminesent of when I was a drug user. (I used drugs heavily for many years, but I am 2 years clean...could there be some drug residue in my colon that I am dislodging?) Very wierd.

Last question, and then I will stop monopolizing your time. :) Now that I am getting cleaned out; what would be the best food for me to be eating right now? Should I be taking any vitamins or suppliments to help put my body in it's optimal health. I've read so much on line that my head is spinning and I just don't know what to take. I went to walmart and down the suppliments isle; I had about $20 I could afford to spend...but COULD NOT decide what to buy! So, I asked the pharmacist, and explained the oxypowder...she looked at me like I was crazy. I guess she doesn't know any natural ways of healing that aren't poisonous drugs that cost a fortune, and come with a perscription. I ended up walking out with nothing. So, any advice would be MUCH appreciated!

Thank-you all so much for your support again! THANK-YOU THANK-YOU THANK-YOU! :)

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