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I learned here and experimented
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Published: 17 years ago
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I learned here and experimented

I am certainly no authority - others here gave me great suggestions. I was already taking L-Carnatine and CQ10, when I "declined" - which was very rapid and devastating - meaning the brain fog part - I was already sooooo tired all the time! I had a terrible sinus infection, that I now believe was a clear sign of Candida overgrowth! I had two courses of strong Antibiotics - and declined so quickly it was shocking. With the brain fog, I could not drive myself anywhere - I got lost a lot, could not recall names of people, phone numbers and the worst was I typed pheonetically - the Doc had me have an MRI - and nothing came up brain wise. I don't recall most of October and November.

I went for body wraps to detox (by the way, I lost 17 inches). She suggested I get Sonne' #7 and Psyllium and begin bowel cleanse. I had been on Atkins for months, and my Doc said to up carbs (but not dairy) and calories. I did that, did not gain weight though. I began the bowel cleanse, and also just accepted that I would be in bed by 7-8'ish and sleep till 6 a.m. So for me, the rest was key, as was starting the cleanse. I did learn that Candida overgrowth contributes to brain fog and fatigue - and that a metabolite of candida (waste of the candida) is 35% alcohol - no wonder I felt like I was being poisoned! It was resulting in an alcohol poisoning!

Then I found this website, started reading, and realized I was crying my eyes out! I was soooo relieved to be finding answers. And to find that I was at least at the right starting gate with the bowel cleanse. I had another body wrap (lost almost another 7 inches - that is a lot of stuff coming out!). I was already drinking a lot of water, but doubled that. I started taking Black-Walnut , garlic, Vit B complex with also folic acid. I kept reading posts on the bowel cleanse, liver cleanse and parasite cleanse forums.
I added detox tea mixed with smooth move tea - every night - and I had to accept that this all would take months. Even with the P&B shakes, and the tea. . . I was not having 3 BMs a day. But,after two weeks, I passed a plaque rope about 8-10 inches - at work - I was so excited! But then I got constipated badly! I tried two enemas (store bought) but had not real results. So I kept up with P&B shakes, but with less bentonite, added the psyllium husk capsules - kept up with water intake. I started skin brushing - hard at first, but I love it now. I then kept up with Black-Walnut , added p'au d'arco capsules and flax seed oil capsules, and grape seed extract - I know. . . sounds like a lot. I did get my liver checked by the Doc and all was o.k.

Then I read about the CQ10 super dose. I thought, why not? The Doc said give it a try. i was refusing any more Antibiotics . I took 3000 mgs a day for 4 days - then waited 10 days and did that again. I started to think clearer after the first course. Oh, during the 10 day break, I took prescribed Diflucan tablets - one per day - which IS very hard on the liver. I ordered, and added the oxygen elements to my daily protocol. I tried a salt water flush (on a Sunday) with little result.

So the brain fog started to clear up, and I kept up the same resting schedule - then went on holidays to Mexico. I went to a reputable doc, who said he felt I was on track, but he was certain I had parasites. So he gave me "Zentel" which is Albendazol - I took 2 x 200 mgs tabs for 3 days.

A week later, home again, I feel the brain fog is still lifting. I am sleeping much much better! I started paragone yesterday, so am on day 2. I am going to continue with all the suppliments listed above. I am going to follow the directions of Paragone - 15 days, skip 5, then on 15 days more. In the last 15 days, I am going to start Colosan and malic Acid - then do my first liver flush.

Again, I am NO authority - this is just an account of what I have done. It has taken 3 months for me to get my short-term memory back - and I am going to continue what I outlined above, to keep it that way - and continue taking control of my own health! Oh, one thing - I did brain puzzles daily (mensa puzzles)- I felt I needed the stimulation - I was slower than usual but sklowly gained more accuracy first, then speed. I highly suggest doing brain puzzles!

Many have helped me here - Nsbeth, Hopinso, Robbie, Blueduck, Omie - and I am certain I am missing others' names - but you all know who you are, and I hope you know how appreciated you are!!!

It is all about learning, sharing and taking control. Also, I am going to continue to get the body wraps! In Mexico I had a wondereful lymphatic system drain massage - well worth the money and time!

Best to you all - don't lose faith in yourself, and DO believe you can make positive changes that must also be combiend with patience. My big problem still is patience!

I just turned 42 - a birthday that I don't recall. . . and I am too young to have this experience - I refuse to accept bad health, including bad mental health, but I do accept that it took a long time for my health to decline, and it was my lifestyle that made a huge negative contribution - so I will continue on this path of healing - gain control of the Candida, rid myself of the parasties and maintain that - and get cleaning out my liver/gall bladder - I know I have stones stuck in there, I feel the pains from it and I am the only female in my family (both sides) who still had her gall bladder, and I intend to keep it that way!

Again, best to you all.


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