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THIS IS SO HARD. Need to vent. help.
Miss Scarletwhiskers Views: 1,480
Published: 17 years ago

THIS IS SO HARD. Need to vent. help.

I am 28 and have been chronically ill since age 24. (before that I had IBS for nine years).

I believe that I am riddled with a parasite infection. There have been many health practitioners that have told me I have this, as well as the electodermal skin testing.

I also have been diagnosed with fatty liver and high liver enzymes.

This parasite cleansing has been really hard on my system. The paragone makes me feel like a semi has just run over me most of the time. I pray that my poor little liver will hold out.

I can tell that my liver is stressed out because I have a dull ache under the right rib cage a lot of the time, and I have been gaining and gaining weight even though I eat nothing but non starchy organic veggies, poultry, organic nuts, virgin olive oil and virgin coconut oil.

When I don't eat enough of these foods I gain even FASTER. But nothing stops the steady gain.

Anyway, I have just completed my two weeks on Paragone, but I still feel this crawling feeling in my back. No joke. It is NOT in my mind.

There are seriously things MOVING AROUND inside my liver!

So since this is the case, it would seem the adults have not yet been killed. So should I continue with the cleanse until I don't feel the crawling, then take my five day break, then start again to kill hatched eggs?

I think my infection is really progressed because I cannot eat any carby kinds of foods (like whole grain, legumes or sweet potato) without the parasites feeding on them and the infection getting worse --as well as the cravings for carbs. (Besides I am allergic to all these foods as it is anyway.)

I need to get rid of this infection and save my liver. I've done 10 Liver Flushes so far and have gotten a fair amount of stones out. But no symptoms have been releived other than the regular occurance of panic attacks. (still get really little ones once in a blue moon when my liver is really stressed at night.)

I'm doing a flush tomorrow and PRAY I will get them out. In previous flushes I have spotted little brown threadlike worms attatched to the stones. I've also noticed little brown poppy seed sized eggs attatched to them, some of them with the worms in the midst of hatching out of them.


I am writing and illustrating a children's book right now and it has to get published before these worms get the best of me and my liver....!!!

For the first two years of this illness I got down to 90 pounds and my family as well as the conventional doctors believed I had an eating disorder --even though both my boyfriend and I swore up and down to them that I ate a decent amount of food (even though the selection was so limited by my food allergies )

Now for the last two years (and I believe it's because my liver has gotten worn out) I keep gaining weight and my family just believes that this is a GOOD thing, since they hated seeing me skinny, they think that chubby is a healthy change. They don't even really believe me that I feel sick all the time and think I must have emotional problems. My oldest brother is a medical doctor and they hang on his every word.

I know it doesn't matter what they believe, but it still bugs me sometimes. :)

I am also concerned about the parasites becoming resistant to Paragone. Should I switch now to a different parasite cleanse for awhile?

Thank you for all your help and any encouragement that can be offered.



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