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Re: MH - What's Orange Juice Fast?
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Published: 19 years ago
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Re: MH - What's Orange Juice Fast?


2 doctors wrote full size books explaining a orange juice fasting method and I believe those medical books should be read before you make a deceison to experiment. The first one I reprinted explains how for the first 2/3rds of his career he murdered people on the table and then when he was dieing, he accepted what others were doing and it saved his life and then he opened up the Sunrise Clinic and he saved 63,000 before he retired. These type of guys need to teach you all the details, I can not do them justice on 1 page.

I will suggest you stop breakfast and lunch and eat only one live fruit or berry for dinner. This is a mono raw/live diet that by its self will cure most diseases over time. It is the closest diet to Nature. You can eat all you want, you will never starve!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will slwoly go alkaline as long as you chew the raw unseasoned fresh fruit or berry very well.

Find a dewormer and take it 30 days morning and night. Then once per week. Take 1 drop of pure oregano oil in your daily water that you make herbal tea or fruit juice with. Take Olive Leaf daily as powder or liquid, many ways of taking it.

You can not do anything wrong or be harmed by the above.

Do that today and seek my free booklet as your next starting point, if you read how simple a orange juice fast done by medical doctors use to be the prefered choice in medicine, then seek their books and others and eventually you will have your own plan that not restored your life, you soon will be telling all your friends how to be disease free at zero cost!

30 years from now you will be amazed how you have had no doctor for 30 years and never will have that need unles you get smahed on the highway in a car wreck, etc., then those people are worth their weight in gold, if you want your life saved and most likely at your moment of death(freedom) you will wonder why you chose to go against nature and live, but hey, we are here to learn and make the best of it, so we normally choose to live and that is always a good thing!

Sadly there is always conflict in this world, it is the friction that forces us to learn. RARELY and I mean EXTREMELY RARELY do I ever find a man and a wife than agree on health! I believe I have never seen 1 couple on equal ground.

I also know that when it comes to dieing, your on your own, people around you may want you to live, but odds are they can't help you, they believe in drugs and want you on drugs and want you in a home when you can't change your own diaper. So I say learn how to never get diseased and die naturally in your sleep at total peace, NEVER plugged into tubes of drugs and allowed to die in your own waste in the multimillion doallar state of the art institions of professional assisted death.

If you can go to the live mono diet as ststed above, you can be disease free and do a orange juice fast that in 14 days will mulitply your red blood cells 5 X and was coined "THE CURE, the ONLY CURE" and independantly proved in the top 3 medical research centers in the world 50 years ago. do this for 21 days and medically it was written you have a new heart and everyone has heard of doing a 40 day "Fast", I believe starting on the 33rd day your skin begins to peel as all the acid rises up and out as new cells replace the old and you may peel 3 layers of old dead skin off as new skin appears and then your FREE, maybe free for the first time in your entire life, at least I was.

When the acid is out, your alive. The average person full of acid waste accumulated non digested foods is dieing and this starts basically after birth, because MOM's milk is her blood minus some red blood cells and she gives you her diseases and then starts feeding you everything but human food.

The human body is a tuff body to kill, it can take 50 years of self induced poisons before it starts to show signs of troubles and those that show at a earlier age, can look back 7 generations and see why they are not living as long as those that set their gene pool up for disaster!

My methods start out like this, number 1, read 1 hour per day about the human body and health, this sets the brain into action and removes all the hogwash it has been fed by those that make a living off of eliminating the unwanted in this world.

If you can't do number 1, you will never succeed at number 2 which is mainatin cleen bowels, remove all food before the next meal goes in the mouth.

If you read my free booklet, you will see my top methods are all free from nature, your book can also be just watching and thinking about what you do that is not natural or if you have some money, their are thousands of books, many free on websites to read. The golden RULE, pick out the parts of the book that go against NATURE and ignore them, soon you will be able to edit any health book in your mind and be able to tell the author how to write a better book.

The bowels can be restored obeying Nature for free, or the use of herbs. I prefer herbs, because I don't obey Nature all the time and that is hwy herbs even exist in health, they aid us in getting rid of non-human foods that didn't leave the body totally.

Hopefully this is enough to get you started, it is not for everyone, even though it works for everyone, many take their old habits to the box with Nature's Blessings! Just obey Nature and Nature will bless you in so many ways you won't be able to count all your blessings!!


you can ask for a free 108 page seminar outline book I made by writing or e-mailing an address and if you want I can try to send it by e-mail, some can open my files and others can't.


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