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Re: MH - What's Orange Juice Fast?
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Published: 19 years ago
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Re: MH - What's Orange Juice Fast?

113 is most likley a child, in ancient times, maybe 150+ years ago, you were not considered an adult unti age 125 and didn't consider getting a mate until that age.

The sicker an animal is, the quicker it must mate. With humans, this has excellerated to the point that children can have babies. This is a medical term called "Quickened". Nature knows the life spand will be short, so babies must come early. When man lived well past 250 years old, it would be simple to see why they had no interest in mating until 125. Medical books state that a healthy female has zero wishes to mate and that only through tradition is the habit ever established and is most against Nature. Mating is medcially known to destroy both sexes and again is most unnatural in all the animal kingdom.

I wanted to prove this with my last pet dog, she is an 8 year female German Shepard. She has never seen the vet or been vaccinated, she takes her herbs in large doses and gets fed once per week with the commercial junk dog food, the rest of the time she lives off the land, she is partial to mice and rabbits.

She is as healthy at age 8 as she was at age 1, she runs 26 mph beside our 4 wheeler. She comes in heat at normal times and male dogs and even male coyotes come to the property line where she meets them with teeth barred and so far they have all ran away, she has zero interest in them!

If you take 8 X 7 in human years, she would be 48. If a human female was as healthy and 48 and had zero interest in a man, then I could see her living well past 250, Nature is telling her that there is NO HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If people would only let Nature be their teacher, there would be no need for the 1st book.

The people studied that lived to 250 before taking the dive, lived mostly on pineapple and raw food, nothing cooked, nothing stored, you no the Manna story in the bible, DO NOT STORE FOOD FOR THE NEXT DAY. Meat of anykind is not an option, meat has all the accumulated waste of the animal it once was and is most poison and burns the human fire too hot and shortens life.

P73, no, never heard of it. The plain stuff works, hope P73 cost less??

Eat for your blood type?? BIG JOKE, pitch it all in the trash!!

FATE? We all are one and are here to learn, everyone you ever met was not a mistake, you have a choice in all matters ever so little or large.


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