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Re: Is there such a thing as a parasite diet? Supplements?
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Is there such a thing as a parasite diet? Supplements?

I don't know what specific health complains you have, but doing the para and Liver Flushes both will greatly improve your health. I've been at it for about a year now with the LF,3 mos with para.
There ia ss a lot to learn, isn't there?
Yor diet should be as healthy as possible,making your body unwelcoming to the nasties and supporting the digestive and liver systems.
It's also a trial and error thing: see what your body demands, as you'll have a lot of tissue rebuilding. I would NOT cut out the
salmon and chicken, good protein source, but that's me. I also eat occasional meat and fish.
I found a post from "Ask Shelley", there's a bit about foods and such.

"For a minimum of 7 days:

Eat only 1-2 meals a day (consider nearly fasting), one meal being a fruit/vegetable meal, the other a substantial stew like Kichadi. No meat except for broth, raw or poached eggs. No junk.

Keep up your fluids, especially with cleansing drinks, broth, veggie juices, spicy teas.
Every day take at least one fiber drink, of any fiber that suits you, including commercial intestinal cleansers.

Add to the drink:
one tablespoon ACV
cayenne pepper

Make at least 21 pills of tumeric. Just buy the spice (preferably a spice that has not been irradiated) and a bag of gelatin capsules sized 00 (large) and fill the capsuls. Take 2 at a time minimum, a minimum of 2x a day. You can take more if you wish.

Also take atleast the minimum dosage of Kyolic, OR take 10-20 fresh garlic cloves, smash them with the flat edge of a blade, peel, and *let sit for 10 minutes*. This allows enzymes to flourish that the baddies hate. Swallow them raw.

Eat at least 1/2 cup of raw pumkin seeds. You can soak them overnight and eat them with spicy tea to aid digestion, plus digestive enzymes. Use digestive enzymes with every meal.

Do thorough bowel management - at least one BM a day, if not more, and inspect every stool. If it's compact, break it up. Consider using a colandor placed over the toilet bowl but under the seat, or a child's training potty.

If you don't see a baddie, alive or dead, in 7 days, stop.

If you are allergic to any of these foods you may substitute with other anti-pyretic foods and herbs.

parasite Cleanse

The parasite cleanse should be done in stages: about 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, 2 weeks on again. This is to make sure that every cycle is attacked, from egg to larvae to adult. You really only need three herbs for this cleanse, altho continued bowel management is good: Black-Walnut ; Wormwood ; cloves. Unfortunately, the FDA has made it difficult to get strong Black-Walnut or Wormwood , as they can be very potent and they don't like anything that works. Things that work tend to make you feel sicker before you feel better, and that upsets people.

If you can't find a good source of these herbs, go for a commercial cleanser. The most popular cleanses at CureZone include Clarkia and Parastroy, although Parastroy may be stronger as it has brought on pretty strong Herxheimer reactions.

After a complete rotation, do the parasite expulsion protocol to ensure you were successful.

When to Parasite Cleanse

If you're not sure you fit the profile, start out with Liver Flushing (bowel management is always first and continuing) and do a couple Liver Flushes first. If the flushes do not get you closer to your goal, or they seemed more uncomfortable than they should have (vomiting, pain on right side following flush), consider doing a parasite cleanse next or at the very least the expulsion protocol. "

I take the Olive leaf in different doses: when in between cleansing I increase it to 2caps every 4-6 hrs. When already on Wormwood , I take 1, 3Xdaily.
Oil of oregano, because I got the pure stuff, very potent, I diluted it 1:10, and am taking 3 drops a day, and that seems to be working OK for now.
There are so many different things to try, but if youre already on something else, best thing would be to wait until you're taking only the one substance, to make sure you know how it works by itself.
Supplements. I take Malic Acid and lecithin- prior to a LF,
cod liver oil, Primal Defense, Bromelain, but try to get what I need from foods, as not to overtax the system. Are you taking anything?
I also drink Kombucha Tea, make detoxifying drink (molasses, lemon, Cider Vinegar and cayenne drops in water).
When I find the aditional info about the diet for para cleanse,
I'll post, I couldn't find it (darn it).
Cheers... :)


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