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Heavy Depression --parasite die-off?
Miss Scarletwhiskers Views: 1,001
Published: 16 years ago

Heavy Depression --parasite die-off?

I have been on a parasite cleanse for about two weeks. I'm going to go a bit longer here just to get about five days past this full moon, then I'll take a break.

At first I was surprised that I had very little, if any die off effect. But just starting the last couple days I have been feeling it quite a bit. Does die off get worse when it's near a full moon?

Such heavy depression, and my food sensitivities are even more intense than usual. I feel so lethargic and tired and depressed.

However, I have not once seen a parasite come out of me yet while on this parasite cleanse. Or eggs, for that matter.

The only time I ever saw a parasite come out of me was on the second day of an all fruit diet before I parasite cleansed! (It was a large adult Ascaris attached to a clump of more worms) But I can't keep this up because fruit makes all my symptoms MUCH worse!

Now that I am taking the herbs and zapping, I am experiencing mass die off, but I can't see any worms OR eggs in my stool. My stool is always filled with so much fiber and seeds as it is (since raw veggies and nuts/seeds are my diet), how would I ever distinquish a worm --that isn't obvious like the adult Ascaris I saw?

Maybe I should cut back on the amount I am taking of the Clarkia to avoid the depression. It's just awful.

Is Depression a common sign of die-off? I want to be sure I am not getting poisoned by the Wormwood instead of it being die-off. But I started out taking 15 drops 3 times a day of Clarkia . This didn't give me any die-off so I worried I wasn't killing them. So I upped it to 20 drops 3 times a day --but ony took 20 drops twice a day yesterday and have only taken 20 dros once today so far.

The Depression also just started after I began zapping. This might be a catalyst, too. Just too much at once, I guess, or do I just need to grin and bear the die off, knowing that I have to go through this to get to the light at the end of the tunnel?

Oh, also --is it normal to get more constipated when cleansing parasites? I notice that the more die off I have, constipation follows shortly after. Interesting. Is it connected?

Will I have to Liver Flush to get the dead parasites out of my liver? I know their in there because I feel them scurrying in my back!

I know, so many questions. Thanks for any advice or encouragement!



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