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Re: Miss Scarletwiskers...questions for you, please...

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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Miss Scarletwiskers...questions for you, please...

Hi Anne! Thanks a lot for your message, it really helps to know what you've tried and what happened.

The panic that these things create when you disturb them, is unreal. When I've done parasite cleansing, I could have panic all day high panic. I was not functional. I only try parasite herbs now, and once the panic starts, I just stop. There was a time, a few years ago, that I thought if I just keep going with it, that I'd kill them, and I maybe should just live with the panic until that happens. Very wrong. I got sicker and sicker (dizzy, nauseous, heart palpations, very low blood pressure), and didn't kill a thing. But this was before liver flushing, so I was much more congested.

I've done many liver flushes, I don't know how many now, well over 20. These do help me, although I don't see stones anymore. But the greatest thing they did for me was exactly the same as for you, it cured my panic attacks (the ones that happened without parasite cleansing). The panic was so bad at night I couldn't bring myself to lie down to go to sleep because when I did that, the panic would start. I was afraid to get into bed! And I was freezing cold, always, so I'd lie in front of a heater on the floor at night, and for some reason doing it that way avoided a panic attack as I fell asleep.

So I slept on the floor and my dog slept in the bed next to me. What a time that was...this was at my sickest, about 3 years ago.

But the first Liver Flush I did totally cured the panic! Liver Flushes have since always been one of my favorite things!

I'm 38 now, and I've had these problems for about 5 years. I was 'sort of' not feeling so well by the time I was 30, then quite unwell by 33. By 35 I was very sick, but with liver flushing, changed diet, and attempts at bowel is a lot better. parasites are a big problem for me still, but I'm not sick as I once was.

I think a big problem for me in not being able to make the progress I need, has been a lack of thorough bowel cleanses...but this is not for having tried! Maybe it takes a bit more time and I simply need to keep working at it. I hope so. I am making some progress, it's just slow, but I can't push things otherwise I get too sick.

But I think this lack of de-plaqueing is what's holding us you think? I'll think we'll be fine once this starts happening more, and the more we cleanse (even if it's slow) the more effective all other herbs will be. I'll let you know if this happens. I hope so...I'm workin' on it.

Right now doing about 6-8 juices/day, along with Dr Schulze's formula (I didn't see any plaque when I used only P&B before, although I didn't do it for as long as you, probably only a couple weeks. It was so constipating to me I couldn't bear it, and I was only doing maybe 2 or 3/day).

I think it's true that the parasites keep us acidic in spite of an alkaline diet. I have very little that's not alkaline (usually, apart from the days I fall off the wagon), and my pH has not changed. I'm sure once I get some plaque out and especially the parasites, I'll be alkaline. Just getting them out is the trick.

But, I'm not completely raw vegan now (I once was for about 1 year, right now I'm raw most days, then once or twice a week I'll have potatoes or rice). I'm still vegan, though.

Good luck in your juice fast! It's a great idea, better than Water Fasting for parasites, I think. Water Fasting has other benefits, but you probably know (and I didn't before)...they can't be starved. I water fasted in hopes of starving the vermits...didn't even touch them. I was so disappointed!

But the fast was beneficial in other ways. I haven't done any extended juice fasting though..I think it's something I should try too.

Thanks again for your message...if you have any questions for me, feel free to ask! We've had some of the same things happening.

Best wishes,

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