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Re: Miss Scarletwiskers...questions for you, please...
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Miss Scarletwiskers...questions for you, please...

Oh that's so funny how you'd think you wrote my message! (apart from the potatoes and rice). I probably have to give up the potatoes/rice soon too...they helped me get through the winter and not be so cold, but I don't know if they do me much good otherwise. I know the parasites love them, but so far in my experience...they love almost anything! Some things more than others of course, but when they don't have their favorites, they just settle for whatever there is. That Water Fast I did really convinced me of this. I had no food for 2 weeks and lived just fine. Vermits.

But still...I can't eat just anything and feel alright! Not at all. I'm only okay if I keep it mucousless, so veggies and fruit mainly. Maybe I'll experiment with the diet you do. I once did it actually, although I didn't last very long! Only 1 month. It was very hard to do, you are so strong! But my problem is I have no ability to digest fats, even the good ones, I take EFA's in liquid form and that doesn't bother me, but no high fat foods... so I'd be restricted to only veggies (no avocados or olives or nuts/seeds)'d be tough. I wonder if it'd make a difference though. Gives me something to think about.

I will definitely let you know when I juice fast! Thanks! The juicing I do now helps a lot in how I feel.

Sorry you were so sick in the last Liver Flush you did. I've had not so great ones, but I've been lucky in I've never been very sick, which is surprising considering how many parasites I have...but you know what I do....I modify the flush. I never use 1/2 cup oil, I use about 4 or at most, 5 tablespoons. The flush is just as effective and it's so much easier. I also have a colonic before the flush and this really helps make sure I'm not too congested...because I'm congested anyhow, this always helps. But maybe even just less oil will make it okay again for you.

Zapping, by the way, did nothing for me either, except make me dizzy. I know what you mean about CoQ giving you a huge panic attack...I had that, but with L-cysteine. It was aweful! I didn't end up in hospital or anything, but the panic was so bad I thought I was dying. There was a different time I was doing intense parasite cleansing that it did effect my heart rhythum and I did end up in hospital...but this was when I was really sick 3 years ago as well, and before liver flushes.

So it's been about 5 years for you too with all this. I've had those thoughts too, especially on days when I feel very sick...I'm so angry that it's taking my life. Actually, I spend most of my time and thoughts trying to get well, it takes a lot to keep me functional, but it's okay, as long as I get well! And there are many days that I feel very good now, which is something considering where I was before. So it's all worth it!

We'll get better!(I'm not hopeless like yesterday now....some days it just gets to me...but I do believe we will heal). It is great that you don't get panic with parasite cleansing. That's a very good sign.

I don't know anything about the inner clearity cleanse, that's one I haven't tried. It's worth a try I'm sure. I wonder if making your own formulas would help you at all, and just leave out the cascara and senna. If you would like the ingredients for Schulze's formula or Dr Christopher's Lower Bowel formula just let me know (the formulas I use now are homemade).



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