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Re: My personal cure for sinus infections. It works!

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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: My personal cure for sinus infections. It works!

<< "I have a long time congestion on the right side of my sinsuses
for geeze I don't how long, but maybe 30 or 40 years." >>

You beat me. I had congestion, pain, blood, swelling in my right sinuses for about 20+ years. When my sinus would get real bad, it would spread to both sides. Four main things cured my sinus problems, completely.

1. I stay away from foods, chemical, dust, irritants that effect my sinuses and asthma.

2. I've had Acupuncture treatment for sinuses, and I give myself electro-acupuncture treatments at home. It works!

3. The "upside down sinus flooding" stopped my infections. Period! I've averaged less than two floodings per month over the past 30 months.

4. I use a corticosteroid nasal spray.

<< "I think all the things I have done have kept the infection low grade as all I really experience is constant post nasal drip, throat irritation and some lung congestion due to the condition.
It does bother my sleep and is part of the cause of my sleep apnea." >>

The bed is the worst place of all for allergies. Have you ever noticed the amount of dust that forms all the time all over the place. The bed is a huge dust catcher. Also, the bedding contains all kinds of dyes and chemicals which can worsen allergies. On bad allergy nights, I sleep on a leather recliner without blankets. No dust. No dyes.

Do you use a fabric softener? Fabric softeners contain many nasty chemicals. If you do, it means that your skin is in contact with many chemicals all day long.

<< " ... so I lay down with my head over a chiropractic pillow that makes my neck curve backward." >>

As I said in my previous post, that might expose the openings to your Eustachian Tubes to liquid. You don't want to get liquid into those tubes. It can clog the tubes for years and cause all kinds of problems.

<< "The 2nd time the right side cleared up prety well into the day and falling asleep. I suspect I will have to keep at this for awhile to get the point of clearing the deepest blockage which feels like is deep in side my upper skull." >>

Hydrogen Peroxide acts as a decongestant. Normally, the sinus swelling will reduce, but then the swelling will come back. Peroxide, baking soda and Kosher salt is a great combination. It not only kills fungal, viral or bacterial infections, it acts as a great cleaner. The important thing is to get this great anti-infective mixture to the source of the infection problems. If it doesn't get to all of the infected areas, then it will only be partially successful. That is why, when I flood my sinuses, I stay down for an extra long time and let the anti-infective mixure seep deep into my sinuses and nasal areas.

<< "I am using a 10 to 1 mixture of water to hydrogen peroxide, but I only use about 20% of the 50ml as that feels like enough. It would take about 1/2 hour to use it all and that is a lot of flushing and spitting out." >>

I've never tried to do a flooding that way. I hope that it helps you. My main concern is that the Eustachian Tube openings could very easily get flooded, in that position, if you swallow, or move your jaw, or sneeze, or chew in that position.

<< "Do you go through the entire mixture in one session?" >>

Yes. Sometimes I wait until my sinuses are totally flooded, and then I forcefully spray into my nostril, to drive the liquid deeper, or force the liquid into a sinus cavity. But.... I feel that I can only do that safely with the top of my forehead pointed down. When I forcefully spray the rest of the liquid, many times the liquid will come out of my other nostril.

<< "Also I found that the 2nd day the left over mixture went flat or had no burn to it. I assume the hydrogen peroxide attacked the the salt or baking soda and lost it's killing power. So I had to make a new batch and will each time I do it." >>

I always use a fresh batch. I don't know the shelf life of peroxide, baking soda and salt mixed together, and I don't know what kind of chemical reactions happen over time. So, to be safe, I always mix up a fresh batch.

Best of luck to you. I hope you find relief. 30 years is a long time to suffer with miserable sinuses.

If you continue to use the "upside down sinus flooding" please feedback and let me know how you are doing, and we can continue to discuss the process.


Documentation about the "Upside Down Sinus Flooding" with peroxide, baking soda, and kosher salt, to treat sinus infections.


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