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A quirky written, but informative, article

Parasites Cleanse
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Eliminate Parasites Fast and Easy
One of the most powerful aids in helping the body el...

Natural Cancer Remedies
Cancer-proof your body with little known immune boosters!


Parasites Cleanse
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Eliminate Parasites Fast and Easy
One of the most powerful aids in helping the body el...

Natural Cancer Remedies
Cancer-proof your body with little known immune boosters!

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Published: 16 years ago

A quirky written, but informative, article

Found this no-nonsense (not for the faint-hearted!)article about parasites and cancer. To me it functions as an important reminder (and I NEED to be reminded often......)to eat sensible:

PS I've edited out brand names to keep it neutral, linkin

I can hear you screeching now, "what, me filled with parasites? No way." Hey, it's not impossible. parasites are too small to see with the naked eye but they exist in all of the animal kingdom. Like ticks exist in grass, or critters live in crinkly salad, hug carrots, like little bugs exist in pillows and mattresses, or in the fur and fluids of your pets, like flukes live in the milk of all mammals, and in their flesh. YES that kind!
parasites that live in meat, pets, beds or the body do exist and they could happen to you. It has been estimated that over 90% of the population in the U.S. is infested with one or more kinds of parasites. Over 50 millions children have worms. It appears that parasite infestation is growing at an alarming rate.


THE PREVELANCE OF JUNK FOOD. We're all tempted by dazzling, gourmet products in the marketplace, in t.v. ads: the chips and dip, ice creams, the creamy, crunchy and sweet, the rich and meaty. We've long since abandoned 'caveman' food, (nuts and salads). We're eating burgers and fries and we're fat and we're FULL. PARASITES love that kind of sugary, fatty, high calorie body. Maybe parasites are nature's way of saying we have food to share! We certainly don't crave the lean, fresh fruits and vegetables and caveman proteins, the nuts, avocados, sprouts that our ancestor ate. Instead, we're chowing down on cooked and acid-forming, mucus-producing foods which parasites love too!

2.) THE PREVELANCE OF PETS. Never mind Fido's licking your face or hand! Even touching an animal's fur and later eating with that hand can give you eggs of parasites that hatch by the thousand inside you. Bowser's saliva is there on his fur. He licks his own fur (and God knows what else!) and deposits parasite eggs on his own skin by the thousand. His fleas carry eggs within them, inside their gut and these critters frequently land in your mouth or food. If you are going to get rid of your own bugs, you have to worm and deflea Bowser or Fluffy and the horse they rode in on, I mean their bedding, do it all at the same time and stop getting so carelessly over-friendly with the little fellow.

3.) PREVELANCE OF BUGS IN OUR FOODS! Rare meat, raw cheese or milk have flukes. Sushi has parasites. Unwashed raw vegies have bugs. Even a cooked burger can have been flipped by a spatula that was under a raw one a second earlier, or the bloody juices can have contaminated a well-cooked burger, so unless you're personally cooking the meat, and cooking it WELL, caveat emptor!

4.) ALL OF BUGS' NATURAL ENEMIES ARE GONE! Modern man has a total lack of healthy bacteria inside his G.I. tract due to contant use of Antibiotics . Very few people are aware of the necessity of removing the bad bacteria from the intestinal tract and replenishing it with new, healthy bacteria. Acidophillus and the other good intestinal flora will produce a strong immune system, increase calcium, vitamins, amino acids and control acidity in the intestines. When unhealthy bacteria dominates the good bacteria, a weak immune system vulnerable to disease and sickness results. A parasite cure requires some acidophillis to prepare the intestinal tract for a new healthy bacteria necessary for a strong immune system.

Remember, Parasites can only thrive inside an unhealthy intestinal tract. A tract congested with Mucus is the perfect breeding ground for them and the modern diet is PERFECT for creating Mucus. How do you make paste? Sticky, gummy foods like MILK (Opera singers are known for never drinking milk before a concert as the casein in milk will clog their voice) mixed with another clog food, pasty flour. Might as well eat wallpaper paste as eat pasta! You want to speak Italian fluently? Say 'addio pasta!' Put all that delicious primavera sauce on top of any vegetable you like that looks like string. String beans, String squash but no spaghetti!

If you suspect you have bugs, the cleanse begins with the removal of buggy breeding grounds by removing their ideal environment of mucous in the intestinal tract. Remember, no flour, no dairy, no dead bodies i.e. meat and you get no mucus. It's that simple. Take away the foods bugs love. Parasites thrive on sugar, dairy foods, flour, coffee, sodas, alcholic beverages, peanuts, meat, eggs. They are not interested in your Caesar salad or your standard healthfood meal. They go where the action is. So get the junk food out of your house and fill the fridge with live, raw, solarized healing food with high vitamin content and figure out savory ways to eat it. It can be done!

If you're not motivated to give up steaks, ice cream and bacon, remind yourself that old age CAN start early. Say, now. Many serious health problems start in systems weakened by flukes, worms and parasites. These bugs don't just stay in the gut. They colonize throughout the body. They crawl into vital organs and even into the brain. My Mexican maid told me that worms came out of her father's NOSE.

Bugs make actual holes thru your flesh which are vast tunnels, wide avenues through which cancer cells can migrate. So getting rid of those worms and their internal mazes is a good way to prevent the Big C from hitting, a few years down the line.

The most common symptoms of being POSSESSED by BUGS and WORMS is one we're all familiar with: the Chronic Mystery Munchies. Who of us hasn't wondered why we were so damn hungry all the time, even AFTER a big meal. BECAUSE WE ARE BUGGED!

Other TERRIBLE tips: a distended belly, a swollen gut, at the same time as a lack of muscle tone, diminished strength, flaccid flesh, frizzy, unshiny hair. A ten foot tape worm can eat a lot of calories and can starve you, its unwitting host. You can get pretty drab looking if someone is eating all your food. There are other symptoms: bowel problems, chills, fever and even epilepsy but these are only for OLD bug hotels.

THE SOLUTION? EVICT THE bastards!! Find the herbs and foods that kill these unwanted guests. Tahitians kill them by eating raw coconut meat and milk. Mexicans use Pumpkin Seeds. Ancient tribes of Europe used green hulls of the Black-Walnut tree, Wormwood , garlic, cloves. Guess what. You will use all of THEM!

But before you start World War III, do some dietary purification. A return to a healthy Diet makes the bugs super hungry. They're not getting the usual meat, milk, Sugar that they LOVE. They get weak and nuts. So let's drive them crazy! Eat a California Healthfood diet for a week before you start the bug killing herbs. Then the worms will be so hungry that when you send them a dose of the herbs it will knock them on their fazolas if not kill them instantly. Then, continue the cleansing diet and the herbs as these will carry the stunned bugs out, eliminating the dead parasites and worms from your digestive track in a flash.

I was shocked recently to hear that one of my clients, a beautiful, famous movie actress, had been told she had parasites, had taken the herbs to drive them out, and days later, seen not only Tapeworms but bunches and bundles of other types of worms exit when she had a colonic. She is now on a three week herbal treatment and the same amount of worms came out on her second colonic, too. (Those must have been the ones holding their breath!)

We must all assume that some critters have hidden in common foods or come to us via pets and we must all take the cure, which isn't toxic to anyone but THEM. WE CAN put BUGS OUT OF BUSINESS.

One famous, author and holistic healer in the California area, Hulda Clark , has her clients get RID OF BUGS to get rid of cancer tumors. She says that parasites burrow holes thru us that make it easy for cancer cells to migrate and mestastacize.

Clark also says the holes become conduits for chemicals and that we must ALSO get rid of all chemical pollution, detergents, soaps, (except for borax) and all toxic household cleaners, along with mold and bacterial contamination hiding in corners of our homes, appliances, refrigerators.

Parasites enter us through undercooked meat and fish, raw fish like sushi, unwashed vegies so we stop using those meats. We start washing vegies well. Flukes exist in raw milk and impure water. Parasites of other sorts are obtained through contact with dogs and cats.

At first, parasites start out in your intestinal tract where they breed, find food and more importantly, steal your food. They rob your meal of nutrients (although non-organic, commercial chemical fertilizing practices have already stolen most of the nutrients,) but these bugs steal whatever's left, making you have cravings hence, you habitually overeat. Over time, they will grow much bigger and rob an abundance of nutrients from you.

How many parasites does the average person have? Millions and millions. Worse, there are many different kinds. Many different kinds of Worms and flukes, which are little flesh-burrowing grubs, many kinds of flukes which are tiny liver-loving amoeba like things, but it's not how many, or what kind, it's how MOBILE they are. Flukes burrow out of the intestinal tract OUT into every organ of your body including the brain. Worms travel, too and the holes they leave are said to be the main cause of fast-migrating cancers. The cancer cells can mestastacize down these five lane highways! Hulda Clark said it in her books.

None of this is proven by medical science, but holism always gets to Mecca before Allah, so don't worry about it. You know it's true by going inward, anyway. AND I DO MEAN INWARD (Groucho shake of cigar)

We sense that Parasites and worms are promoters of nutritional defiencies, and these can cause disease.

To help ensure vibrant health, parasites and worms must be killed and eliminated from your body.

I know all this is a little unsettling, but it is a reality. BUGS are something you're going to confront, grapple with and beat at their death-dealing game. So, how do you kill and eliminate these lower life forms? Take the herbal drops available at your healthfood store, (wormwood, artemesia and unripe Black-Walnut solutions). Take the metamucil type psyllium plus seven herbs, available there, too. Do a 14 day cleanse. The drops will kill the parasites and worms and the cleanse will eliminate the dead parasite and worms from your digestive tract, especially your colon.

It is just as important that after you complete the cleanse, you do not put foods that carry parasites into your body. No more sushi or rare burgers! Now, let's turn our attention to a corrolary of all this.

CANCER is CAUSED by WORMS, FLUKES, parasitic life forms in YOUR FLESH from meat that wasn't fully cooked, pets, unwashed fruit/vegies making tiny holes in flesh combined w. chemicals and heavy metals. This is the formula for one cell migrating to another area. For that reason, if Cancer runs in your family, chow down on the bioflavenoid rich foods that create strong collagen, strengthen all cell walls, not just arteries and veins so you don't have strokes but capillaries and every cell, so cancers can't migrate. Bioflav. Fruits are: cherries, berries, citrus, red bell peppers, guavas. A short list.

Another thing that migrates thru worm tunnels are carcinogenic chemicals. Perfumes we wear are toxic; enter tissue. Carpets are filled with old soap, lead in paint, asbestos in coffee maker heating element, dryer, hair dryer, furnace. Re-clean house w. safe cleansers: borax, washing soda, vinegar. Clothing, too. No MORE NEW WALLPAPER, full of formaldahyde. All unsafe chemicals must go at the same time as parasites in your flesh. Identify sources of contamination. Propyl Alcohol and Benzene are found in all soaps, detergents, toothpaste, breakfast cereals (chem from machines washed daily) cosmetics, shampoos, toothpastes. (Use baking soda.) KILL the body's parasites w. herbs, (a 3-week treatment, & removes offending chemicals from the patient's home, into garage, cancers depart immediately. Doctor in this field recommends entire kitchen be scrubbed down with safe cleaners, interior of fridge especially as common, household molds spread to all food in it, then to us. All mercury Amalgam dental fillings must be removed. Commercially prepared juices and sodas have traces of benzene from equipment cleaned with benzene. Commercial soda pops have heavy metal traces. One makes juices in non-metal equipment that is washed only with safe cleansers. Goodbye all commercially prepared foods. Goodbye commercial shampoos; Hair is washed with borax and rinsed with citric acid . Detergents have propyl alcohol or benzene traces. Tin cans and foil leave metal traces on food. Metal cooking pans (even stainless steel) have to go. Use glass/enamel.

A good holistic Doctor can do readings on his patients and see if they EVEN had gum wrapped in aluminum foil. Metal traces are there days later, even a minute later and thankfully, can be eliminated the DAY you clean environment.

When you get rid of chemicals and parasites, it's important to simultaneously run a parasite herb treatment on your pets. You can't cure yourself and have an infested dog around. Parasites live outside animal's body so petting a dog gets eggs back on hands. And then we eat our dinner with our fingers? ICK! To be parasite free, no eating with hands if you have pets. Period. Forks only. Tiny Eggs are in all of the dog's body fluids so a human, if he is infected, can pass parasites on via nursing, kissing and sex. A KISS will pass on eggs, infect others. You still wonder if you've got bugs?

HEALING DIET: the basic healthfood diet is fine. Avoid foods processed in factories that use toxic chemicals to clean machinery as chemical residues get into the food. No meat unless it is well cooked. You can have wheatena or oats, but for the reason of chemical contamination in all factory machinery, cleaned with toxins, no machine made 'flake' cereals. Organic fruit and vegies should be washed, cooked only in safe pots. Bottled spring water is allowed but it must be from a natural spring. All soy products come out of machines cleaned with chemicals so they cannot be used.

PARASITE CURE: If you have Black-Walnut trees in your area, in summer, while the nuts are green, you can make the tincture that will kill flukes and worms with the nuts and a pint of VODKA! So bring a basket and come here to Reseda! Healthfood stores have capsules and tinctures. The tincture is taken 4x a day, starting with 1 drop, increasing daily until you're at 20 drops. Wormwood from the artemesia absynthia plant is taken at dinner time w. a gradual increase of the dose from 1 to 14 capsules a day. The third, a common spice, CLOVES, kills the unborn eggs. You must use fresh cloves which you pulverize and encapsulate. Powdered cloves are 'stale' and won't work. Take 1 capsules 3x a day before meals. She increases this as well. To 2 the 2nd day, 3 the third, but she stays at that level for 3 mos. ALL DOSES ARE ADULT,

Infants don't take capsules; they take herbs rolled into paste with honey. Other things parasites, viruses, bacteria hate: Lugol's iodine, food grade hydrogen peroxide, powdered Vitamin C, magnesium oxide, easily available amino acids (ornithine at bedtime, arginine in the morning) 500 mg.

Hulda Clark also recommends that for a cancer cure, or even if you suspect incipient tumors to exist, (you can see them in palm of hand as minute mirror-like circles interrupting papillae ridges), she suggests that you use red clover (an herb easily found in healthfood store, the blossoms are the part used) 2 caps 3x a day, Pau D'Arco, 2 cap, 3x per day, Vit C l0 or more grams per day, Laetrile, or apricot kernels, one a day,Wheat grass juice (home grown & extracted), pomegranate, grapes, GREEN OLIVES juiced (no meat in the diet if used), echinacea 2 caps 3x a day, metabolic enzymes with meals.

At the end of Clark's book, she gives us a list of hundreds of common vermin found in humans, hundreds of heavy metals (and where we get them) and hundreds of common bacteria. Acne is one kind, rotten teeth another. All of these afflicting toxic dump sites have to be eradicated!

Clark says NO MORE HAND FOODS! That was for the Renaissance. Now we have FORKS! Wash hands after touching animals and use those forks!

Next, USE PARASITE KILLING TEAS. OTHER SOURCES I've gone to say make a tea of echinecea, culver's root, slippery elm, mullein, cascara sagrada, comfrey, tansey, Wormwood (artemesia), violet leaves, elm bark pomegranate root. Drink 4x a day.

foods that kill BUGS: Eat freshly husked pumpkin seeds daily for 3 weeks. Grow your own pumpkins every single year! Get B-12 shots every other day or use sub lingual genuine methylcobalamine tablets.

Eat an abundance of healthfoods: sprouted grain bread, kidney, liver, garlic, fish, peanuts, grapes and sprouted soybeans which you then cook at low temp. Tofu factory, unfortunately, has machinery cleaned with benzene.

Breakfast on fresh coconut and its milk taken AS breakfast 3 days in a row; kills even tapeworms!


EAT RAW FOOD DIET, no red meat, organ meat, egg yolk or milk whatsoever. No fat except Omega flax seed, Evening Primrose, borage & codliver oil in capsules. Use sesame or olive oil on salads. NO HEATING OILS. Steam all foods, pour cold oil on top. Cook cabbage family vegies by lowtemp steaming, broccoli included. Grate or juice others. Your meat will be tofu based Vegie burgers. Use no soy except tofu, tempeh, miso. Sprout seeds, nuts. Avoid sweets/carbs. (Read "Enter the Zone" by Dr. Barry Sears. Sweets & grains feed the tumor; whole grain rye bread OK in moderation. No rice, potato, pasta, flour OR SALT at all. NO COMMERCIAL FOOD WITH ADDITIVES. GET A JUICER make raw juices daily. Cancer curing juices are Apricot juice, beet, cabbage, broccoli rappe, grape juice, all greens, wheat grass, barley grass juice. But also, make meals of carrot/celery/parsley/cucumber and other veg juice, 13 glasses daily.NO DRUGS/MEDICINES, ciggies, booze, chocolate, caffeine, painkillers.Investigate homeopaths. They will put you on a series of tablets that target & destroy tumors. TAKE HERBS that your holistic healer recommends. Get rid of microwave, eat nothing cooked this way. TAKE Saunas, sweatbaths. AT HOME METHOD: 2 cups apple cider vinegar in a very hot tub. Soak 1/2 hr until sweat appears. Keep refreshing heat of water. Wrap, then rest.

MORE ANTI-CANCER HERBS: Licorice, red clover, chapparel, Pau D'Arco teas, orange peels, HYSSOP.DESIST from cooked foods. They have no enzymes; they suppress immune system. No heating oils toFRY; steam foods if they must be cooked. TRY to eat it raw, as salad. Keep sesame and olive oil cold at all time. Use no other oils. DESIST from all kinds, solvents are used, canola is toxic all by itself.

Get Reiki, hands on healing by reiki techs (healthfood store has magazines with names, bulletin boards.) GET ALL MERCURY Amalgam dental filings removed, put in non-toxic kind. Grow Wheatgrass and juice it. MAKE RAW veggie JUICE at home and drink it the instant it is made. No refrigerating it. Beet /celery/parsley w. carrot in moderation. Exercise at gym, regularly. But a relaxed kind of exercise. Take series of high colonic irrigations, 2x per week. coffee enemas flush liver but only take in morning. Take herbal laxative every night.

RELAX: LIE in Floatation tank for stress. Study mind control via YOGA. Drink aloe vera gel. If you want to go all out, have nursing asst. create a Vit C 'IV DRIP' in your home. Eat melons alone, very cleansing. Watermelon with lemon makes good juice. Vitamin drips or vitamins, must be the best organic, healthfood store brands, like TWIN LABS. Stay out of cities, away from car fumes. Don't use toxic shampoos, soaps, detergents. Do positive meditations, imagine your body's immune system fighting cancer cells. Consider Chelation therapy. Or use raw juices to chelate the blood. This Sollubilizes inorganic mineral deposits, rids us of heavy metals. ENJOY Supportive friends/family. Do less home chores. TAKE YOUTH HORMONES PREGNENOLONE & DHEA avail HFS. EAT edible sea weeds which are tumor inhibitors. Vegie soup is made with 'em. YUMMY. Or eat in salad, (soak first) or steam with vegies. Soak wakame a few minutes, add to soup at end. Take BITTER MELON (chinese herbs). Sherman Oaks, CA. Take potassium liquid form on empty stomach. Supplement niacin after meals. B-vitamins. Get full body Massage daily and afterwards, drink lemon/water as toxins are loosened. Investigate homeopathic remedies. Get a homeopath on your case to get right combo. Take ARGININE, an amino acid, boosts cancer fighting white cells. GET OXYGEN THERAPY. Laugh a lot. Rent comedies, watch several daily. Don't feel guilty about past. Study healing, start passing on your healing wisdom to others with same disease. *Read 'The Cure for All Cancers" by Hulda Regehr Clark dial 011-52-6680-4111 to talk to her in Mexico. She cures cancer in DAYS by removing all chemicals from environ same time killing all parasites, worms, flukes in body, and removing all metal dental fillings. She advises no more cooking in any metal pan, even stainless steel, Only enamel/glass. CLARK says parasites make holes in the body and then the environmental toxins get IN to the organs thru those holes. Book tells you how to de-tox your home and pets. No more detergent, shampoo, toothpaste. You switch to borax, vinegar rinses, baking soda for teeth, and de-worm all dogs/cats regularly. Never pet animals without rinsing hands. GET RID OF ALL BODY's parasites with wormwood, clove and black walnut herb capsules, done for 2 weeks to get them all. WE ALL have parasites. I know I'm repeating myself but I combined several files. Sorry.

USE NO products that were made with machinery cleaned in benzene, which is used to wash ALL COMMERCIAL machinery that makes food or juices, Anywhere! Use no propyl alcohol (a solvent) products, found in ALL soaps, toothpaste.

EAT RAPINI (bitter broccoli) daily, lemon, olive oil, raw garlic on top. Take digestive aids, protease, amylase, etc. Take these digestive enzymes with every meal. Chew dandelion leaf before a meal, as the bitterness of it increases your own natural digestive enzymes. Japanese /Chinese system is to make teas of loquat leaves and seeds avail on trees now. Eat loquat seeds like nuts. Get air purifiers & ozonators, get a water cleaner or use glass-bottled spring water. No chlorine is tolerated


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