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Re: On Religion, angels and demons, abortion, life support machines, etc.
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Published: 19 years ago
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Re: On Religion, angels and demons, abortion, life support machines, etc.

Dear Edel,

1. There are light angels and dark angels. Light angels are energies embued with specific intelligence and purpose to facilitate and maintain the constant creation of the universe, from guiding subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, etc., to assemble in a form that gives rises to a specific purpsoe, such the creation of the cells of the human body. There are a nearly infinite number of angels present at every level and stage of the creative process of absulutely everything that exists. The subatomic particles of the chair you are sitting on are created and destroyed thousands of times per second, a speed that cannot be comprehended by the human mind. Nothing, even the rocks and steel is permanent. They last but a moment and are recreated the next. A river looks the same every time you look at at, but new water replaces the old each moment in time.

Creation is not something that happend sometime ago. Time never began. The creative process is constant, an eternal continuum. Only a perceiver sees a beginning and an end. In order to create something new and allow life to continue and expand, something else must be destroyed first. This is where the dark angels come in. Subatomic particles have to be destroyed for new ones to come fourth. Without destruction you could not sit on your chair, it wouldn't be there, for everything would be infinitely flat and unmanifested. The destruction of apple blossoms allow fruits to come fourth. The angels of destruction co-ordinate the destruction with the angels of creation. They follow the scripts of natural law ,a blueprint of creation, similar to the DNA in our body. Now when there is an imbalance between the two, perhaps more destruction occurs and can be recreated again. For example, if our body destroys more than 30 billion old cells in our body per day, normally replaced with 30 billion new ones, then there is injury or damage known as disease. Usually, this occurs due to fear from this or past lives. The fear leads to contraction of cells, blood vessels, DNA, self-destructive behaviour, depression, anger, unbalanced dietary/lifestyle choices, etc. Eventually, destructive behaviour overshadows constructive behavior and attitudes, and "evilness" is born, the "fallen angel".

In truth, there is no evilness, just an imbalance between the "dark workers" and "light workers" within the different levels of our existence. Each one of us is composed of dark and light. When the imbalance disappears between the two disppears, the appearance of evilness disappears also. There is no hell where sinners are being fried forever. There is no punishment, only learning, and there are no demons except the ones we create for ourselves through guilt and shame of wrong-doing. The guilt is is never justified, it is an illusion. The idea of demons creates them, yet this doesn't make them real. Churches have created them to invent evilness, and they have succeeded. Now their own creations haunt them in order to let go of their fear of not being in control. What happens in Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel is a battle of religious dogmas that are outdated and no longer appropriate. Every time a bomb explodes, a collective thought form or dogma is burst asunder. There is still a way to go in this last major battle of imbalanced forces of all times, but a lot has been accomplished already.

2. As far as I know from my connection with Mary, she has never given such an advice to anyone. She is not thinking like humans do, in terms of right and wrong. She carries no judgment in her heart and sees that death is not the end of life. A soul can exist perfectly well with or without a body. You certainly don't terminate someone when you kill him. Those who are killed physically by others have orchestrated it and arranged for their killers to bring this about, in accordnace with karmic law. This agreement happens on the higher self level, most often unknown to the personality self or ego of those involved.

In respect to unborn life, the soul does not enter the body before its first breath. It may frequently hover above the potential future mother or father. The soul feels no remorse when the mother decides to terminate the pregancy. There is no death experienced by the emroyo except the cells of the embryo. The embryo is connected with soul, though, and some soul memories are downloaded into the cells of the body, mostly towards the end of the last term. If spoken to with love and compassion, the cells of the embryo will understand what will happen and not go into fright.

The only persons who need to decide to terminate a pregancy is the host, and perhaps the father. There may be karmic guilt from having "killed" the same person in a previous life, and this may arise in the mother after the abortion. This can create a lot of pain, which is a way to break down these karmic energies of guilt. THe mother is not going to be punished for this, although if guilt of doing this becomes overwhelming she may develop hatred towards herself. Something similar may occur when a mother looses her baby. In both cases, a soul may actually be the one to terminate the pregancy, either because it has changed its mind about coming into the Earth plane at his time, or to help the parents deal with some form of past "unfinished business." There are no negatives in all that. Those who are against abortion carry guilt in their hearts from having killed others in previous lives, and their anger is the anger they actually feel against themselves. Those who fight (with anger) for the right of abortion also have guilt in their hearts and wish to release it by making abortion an OK thing. The duality battle is reaching a peak, not just in politics, but in all areas of life. This is an important step in the final sythesis of opposites and differences. There is purpose in all of it.

Those on life support machines are actaully not in their body anymore. Some of them have left completely, with no silver cord or other connections intact. Others maintain a link, for a while. Keeping them on life support has nothing to so with them, but more with those who cannot let go, who are afraid to be without the loved one. The soul may already have moved on made its transition, while the doctors, relatives and friends still think there is someone in the body. If for some reason the soul that has maintained a link to the body decides to "reenter" it, it will do so regardless whether there is life support or not. This has happened. Minutes after removing the life support, the person woke up. All this is contolled soley by the soul, not by anyone, certainly not by a doctor. So the question of whether a person is killed when taken off life support is irrelvant.

3. I don't resonate much with it, although some of it contain partial truth. Cloning beings in the real sense, not just what they did with Dolly the sheep, will not create humans with a soul essence. They will be empty inside, not unlike numerous humans are "walking dead," that is, souls that have left the body, but the body still lives on. They maintain some partial awareness of the body, which allows it to function. When you look into their eyes, you don't find anyone there, as if they cannot see you. This also happens to many people who are about to die in an airplane crash, or from an explosion, natural diseaster, etc. They leave their bodies before their bodies die. There is no pain or shock on behalf of the soul.

With blessings,

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