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Re: Great questions!!

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Andreas Moritz Views: 6,121
Published: 19 years ago
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Re: Great questions!!

Dear Gayle,

You don't need to connect with your higher self because you wouldn't be here if you weren't your higher self. You are both your higher self and your lower self (ego or personality self). The awareness of your physcial body tends to dominate you while you are learning to navigate through the intricacies of life in the duality world. You gather a wealth of experience that your higher self would not be able to compute, evaluate and utilize were it not for your ego-driven personality (desire). Trying to contact your higher self doesn't really work because you are already you, and you are already guided by your higher self in everything you do. The issue is more with your personality self that doesn't see the larger picture of things known by your higher self. So, not understanding what is going on, your ego may experience fear, resistances, anger, shame, low worthiness, hate, and also their opposites. The lower self or ego is there to let you deal with unresolved experiences from past years and past lives, an in corrdination with your hgiher self. Your higher self is involved in everything you do, "good" and "bad." Life isn't about becoming a good person, it is about being free from the need to become a good person, for this would imply the profound self-judgment that one isn't, the main cause of all suffering and lack of love.

God is basically all higher selves taken together. This isn't difficult since all higher selves experience themselves as one with one another. Plants, animals, rocks, the elements, and even the sabatomic particles also have higher self and are also part of the whole. Everything is part of the whole, that's why the universes keep growing and expanding and are not falling apart. Praying to God would mean you separate yourself from yourself. If you pray for something you are implying that you are in need or lack, which creates just more of the same. If you wish for something, it is better to pray abundance, pray peace, pray health, and immediately express gratitude for receiving it. All desires start within and are materialised first on an energetic level before they can become physcial reality. Once you give gratitude for what you have just created energetically, it can no also manifest in the phsycial realm. If you keep begging God for mercy or help, you will remain a beggar. Being children of God means something else, it means you are equipped with the power to create. Denying one's Divine nature (higher self) is given into the illusion that we are unworthy beings or sinners, a notion that belongs to the era of the middle ages, although still widely practiced.

Jesus is a messenger ("was" would mean he no longer is or he is not where we are) who 2000 years ago meant to bring the first major wave of awakening to a popualtion that has been asleep since the time of Atlantis and Lemuria. This in preparation for the phase that is occuring now. Christ Consciousness is present in everthing and everyone and wants to become the driving force of life on Earth. There is no real name for this force, but the closest word we have for it is love, love that sees no division and only unites differences. The cross is of mostly symbolic importance, it is there to illustrate the power of balance, connecting the above with the below, the righ with the left. In the middle point where the heart is attached to the cross, there is is the oneness of all these opposites. That is where love is true and endless, beyond all right and wrong, above and below, darkness and light. Jesus's energy is about that, and he has not to this day been truly understood, for we are still trying to interpret what others have thought and written about him. By putting his value into a book, people prevented themselves from becoming one with his essence, and therefore, with their own essence. He never intended to create religious dogmas that people follow blindly. Very few of his true intentions are found in the bible, most of them were altered to suit the power-seeking hirarchies of the early centuries. The real, non-book Jesus, has little to do with Christian religions on Earth, his energies like that of some many other masters come through are being expressed through the millions of people that have created the same cross (oneness of all) in their own hearts and thereby spread the "gospel of love" through their very presence. They radiate peace by being on this planet, and they don't need churches or loudspeakers to do that.

Re your last question, you actually don't need a memory to fall back on, imagination is all that you need. If you can imagine a time where you felt happy and content, it really happened. You can only imagine something that has existed or still exists, otherwise you wouldn't be able to.


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