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Re: State of the planet

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Andreas Moritz Views: 2,793
Published: 18 years ago
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Re: State of the planet

If you wish to get an indepth perception of mine on the state of the planet, I suggest you read my books Lifting the Veil of Duality and It's Time to Come Alive (
In short, although I see the same predicament the planet as a whole along with all its inhabitants, humans and animals, is facing, I am not worried about the course this all is taking. It is no coincidence for the earth and humanity to experience a destructive face, for even destruction is part of the evolutionary process. Much of what we may perceive as self-destruction is actually our currently chosen way to deal with and balance the fear, pain, and ignorance that has controlled life on the planet for eons. The old world is dying off along with the trees, animals and natural resources, like the life force draining off a dying man. But death on the planetary level is just as much an illusion as is death on the human level. Nothing and nobody dies. There is only transformation and transmutation. Death is the beinning of new life. Our earth is dying to emerge into new life, into a new world of a different frequency.

The species of animals and plants now exstinct in our present physical existence have never really left us, they simply moved into the new world as yet not consciously accessible to most humans on earth. To participate in and contribute to the transformation, we are challenged to free ourselves of all fear, hence the dramatic experiences of individual and collective calamities.

Eventually, we will be given the opportunity to lose our fear of death, not an easy one, given the intense turmoil, but necessary. Some will chose to stay behind in their perception of a lower earth reality to still learn and grow through karmic retribution, but many will experience a shift in consciousness and perception that will take them into the new world where conflicts, war and destruction are absent. This will show them that the world is but an expression of their perception, something that is currently difficult or impossible to grasp.

As far as what I personally can tell you, there is no reason to be worried or anxious about the future of the planet, but it important to change our ways, each of us from within, in order to nourish the earth through this diffcult dying and birthing process. Whatever we can do to assist her will help us through this period with greater ease and grace, but it would be better to do this not out of fear of further destruction, but with the love that binds us to her. In my heart I see only the brightest of days for the planet.

Mother earth is a living organsism and has a heart like we have. She feels like we do. And she cleanses herself like we do when we become overburdend with toxins. Only, her self-rejuvenating powers are so much greater than we can imagine, and she could ondo a hundred years of intense pollution in one day. She takes her time, though, in order to preserve as much life she possibly can while going through the regeneration process.


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