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Colon Cleansing, Avoiding vata aggravation

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chetana108 Views: 6,608
Published: 17 years ago

Colon Cleansing, Avoiding vata aggravation

Dear Andreas,

I am preparing for my 3rd liver flush and would like some advice for the following challenges I experience. Sorry if the description is too long, I have to learn to be more concise.

I still haven't discovered the best colon cleanse for my body type. Strong laxatives (like castor oil) make me feel too weak and exausted so I can't do them during workdays, when I am taking malic acid in preparation for the weekend LF. Colosan, Triphala, Aloe vera juice, etc don't seem to produce good enough cleansing effect--I still feel there's stuff inside afterwards. But they don't make me feel weak so I can do them on workdays. This is what I have been doing before and after LFs.

I am afraid to try a colonic or colema because at the ayurvedic clinic where I work these are considered excessively drying and invasive cleansing methods. Our doctors sometimes prescribe oleation (taking ghee on empty stomach in AM over 5-7 days) followed by castor oil or other laxative, and then oil and herbalized enemas alternating on the days of panchakarma therapy. All our thearpies involve oiling the body inside and out, and are cleansing without causing weakness. They say water based enemas are drying... and I think I shouldn't increase my Vata much more than it already is.

I can't afford this Ayurvedic cleansing method more than once a year, plus I feel my main health problems have not been resolved with it (terrible PMS on the first day of my period: pain, vomiting, shivering, diarrhea, etc., large blood clots during period, lower back pain for over a year, weak vision, hemorrhoids since childhood(now slightly prolapsed), sluggish digestion, lots of tiny red ruby dots appearing all over my skin,etc). This is why I am now doing Liver Flushes.

I also feel very weak and exausted on the day or two following the LF, and it takes several days for my energy to build up to a decent (not perfect) level. People have commented after my last flush how bad (tired)I looked. This is partially due to the fact that I am slightly underweight (128 lbs, 5' 8 1/2 tall) and possibly a bit anemic, too (my gums and insides of eyelids are very pale pink, and I tire easily).

I think I am a vata type now (although in the past Ayurvedic doctors said I had pitta prakriti, and varying imbalances at each consultation time). Ten yars ago I felt more like a Pitta with Vata or sometimes kapha imbalancas. Over the past 10 years I seem to have shifted to being more Vata, with chronic vata imbalances (due to stress and hurried lifestyle etc). Now they always put me on Vata pacifying treatments etc. But I don't tollerate heavy foods, especially very oily foods. I seem to bo best on Vata/Pitta balancing regimen...

So, what's the best way to cleanse, without aggravating Vata? ( I even had to stop your Kidney tea cleanse after 8 days because I began feeleng so week that I could barely climb the stairs...)

Thank you so much for any advice you can offer.

God Bless,


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