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Re: Alignment With My Other Side
Andreas Moritz Views: 3,471
Published: 18 years ago
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Re: Alignment With My Other Side

Dear T,

I may disappoint you here, but the answer to all four questions is not as complex as the questions you raised.
Much of what you expect is conceptual and stems from your mind, whereas the actual living occurs in the heart. You don't have to align with the universe or try to make the universe comform to your desires and dreams. You can try as hard as you wish, but the trying occurs only in your head, not in the heart where it is meaningless. There is no magic activity you can do to align yourself to a larger picture, a bigger purpose, or a more meaningful life. You are already aligned. You cannot search or find yourself because it is you who does the searching. Let go of your dreams or visions, for they only affic you to a mental goal that has not yet happened. This merely prevents you from being you, in the moment. And so you keep looking for a more perfect you, and the expectations will never end. Accept yourself and what you have and are right now and you are naturally aligned. Projecting yourself into a distant future creates the illusion that you are separate from your higher self, which is but an impossibility. It is not about having a perfect life, but seeing the imperfections in your life as being perfect. This removes the negative impact they may have had on you before. You are always in charge of your life and the circumstances that seem to influence it. You do this because it is in your best interest, even if you are not aware of it.

Whatever you resist in your life becomes painful. By accepting and embracing what you resist you heal the pain. Disease is but a sign of resistance, and the disease helps to heal or break the resistance. Your problems in life manifest from resistance to what is. By seeing it with new eyes and letting it happen, the resistance melts away and so does the problem. Life itself is your guide, you don't need to invent one. Life teaches you everything, but your heart must be open to receive it. Let go of trying, and it will happen. Trying is a human thing. Nature doesn't try and yet accomplishes what it needs to. Let go of trying and you are naturally aligned with your universe. Life is a journey that takes you in a circle just to lead you to the point where you started. It shows you that you were always there. This is the importance of the journey. Enjoy!


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