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Re: Panchakarma problems, changing limited beliefs
Andreas Moritz Views: 8,778
Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Panchakarma problems, changing limited beliefs

Dear Chetana,

1. Ghee stimulates bile secretion, but when you take it in larger amounts it can also force stones from the rear parts of the liver to move towards the main bile ducts that combine and form the common bile duct. When these stones block the main bile ducts, there is little bile around to digest your food and so you may get constipated. In addition, the hydrochloric acid that your stomach produces, is not neutralized properly as it passes through the duodenum along with the ingested food.The strong acidiy of the food chyme, along with the constipation, may irritate the intestinal walls and cause hemorrhoids. The ingestion of the large amounts of ghee may not necessarily lead to the passing of stones, but it certainly is possible. Whenever I did the Pancha Karma ghee-treatments (before I began the liver flushing program) I used to have a gallstone attack and pass out. I nearly always had stone getting stuck in my common bile duct. PKs are not suitable for everyone, they certainly weren't for me. Unlike with liver flushes, there is no controlled release of stones, and it is unpredictable when stones come out. Pancha Karma was "invented" throusands of years ago when there existed no manufactured foods, chemicals, air pollution, etc. and people's livers were generally very clean. Living in today's world is overloading the liver with toxic, harmful elements that require different means to clear out. PK's are not designed to deal with this.

2. Colemas would be the best solution for you at this time.

3. Yes, you can use the horse chestnut any time, before or after liver flushing. Most any brand will do. It is quite potent. Follow hte directions on the bottle.

4. + 5. This is misleading inforation. It is like saying the Africa doesn't exist because I cannot see it, or water doesn't hydrate the body because it has never been researched that it does. Most studies are done to prove that whatever the researchers want to promote is successful. In comparative studies, you would conventiently choose to compare the favored drug or method with others that aren't promising any significant effects. There are plenty of methods, foods and substances that help clear chemicals, toxins, metals etc from the connective tissues of organs and systems in the body, including metallic clay baths; herbs, such as cilantro, green leafy vegetables, fruits like mangosteen (see; a bath with 4 pounds of Epsom salt, 2 cups of apple cider vinegar, 2 tablesoon of cayenne pepper, and two tablespoons of ground ginger; or use of bioresonance machines like the QXCI. It is a pity that some Ayurvedic physicians limit Ayurveda to what was written in the textbooks, instead of opening the minds to the universal laws of healing. Ayurveda transcends the written word, it is universal law. The atoms that make up heavy metals are just as solid or transparent as oxygen molecules. Both are made of atoms that consists of fields of energy and information and are attracted to the body for different reasons. A congested, toxic, body and mind will attract metals but reject ogygen. A clean and healthy body and mind will attract oxygen but reject metals. It all follows the law of attraction and rejection. The body, like the earth is run by the power of polarity. Without the earth poles, all the atoms making up the earth would dissipate and there would be no matter, no life. When there is balance between the two aspects of polarity, there cannot be contamination or disease. When there is disease, it is the body's way to return to the state of balance. It is in our power to return to the state of balance with or without disease. Let yourself be guided through your feelings and instincts. As Jane Roberts once said: "You were given the gifts of the gods; your create your reality according to your beliefs. Yours is the creative energy that makes your world. There are no limitations to the self except those you believe in."

Don't let others' limited beliefs become your own and shape your reality.


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