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Published: 17 years ago



*Take a blank sheet of paper - This represents The ALL Possible, no Parameters established.

*Along the bottom, draw a scale - On the left note (-), on the right note (+) - This sets the parameters to Polarity/Duality.

*In the center of the page, make a Dot - This represents the Spark of YOUR Awareness, YOUR ESSENCE, come to Chart the Experience of Duality (And maybe something Deeper).

*From the Dot, draw a line angled toward the (-) and another angled toward the (+) - From the entire scale, this is the area you will experience/work with - Initially. This area becomes the Realm of Probability.......

*The Idea of Notching is to use Love(Caring),Light(Information) and Will(Intent Backed by Action) to Move/Notch YOUR Entire Experience to the Right (+) - Whereby: The (-) Becomes less (-) and the (+) Becomes more (+) - (-)things that were probable are no longer there and (+) things that were just out of reach or not even considered Become Probable.

*An example would be Working with Water: Out of the tap, it has a certain potential/probability - Using YOUR TOOLS, YOU Notch it from that state to a Higher one.......

*This is a Linear Perspective.

*From a Higher perspective, this takes on the Appearance of a CONE (maybe it's 4 units along the base and 9 units on the slope) - In this Sense, the DOT/YOUR ESSENCE Looks and Acts like a SINGULARITY, like The ESCHATON - A "Cosmic Vacuum" TRANSDUCING and SYNERGIZING what is/was into Someting Different.......

*Consider: In the Cocoon, as the Caterpillar Dissolves, nothing is added : the Codes/Blueprints were established Before it ever came into Being. Being the Caterpillar was absolutely necessary for What Comes Next.......



"It's not about fixing, It's about CHANGE."

"When YOU Heal (CHANGE) YOURSELF, there is More Health in the World, not just one more Healthy person, More Health in the World." *Lazaris*




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