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Re: Angel Pin, just posting other thoughts

Hookworms? Pin Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses


Hookworms? Pin Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Angel Pin, just posting other thoughts

or two about this church...
Well I used to see church members in Wal-Mart a lot. Lately I haven't.
Perhaps it's tunnel vision? but their very absense makes me wonder...
about a lot of stuff that's going on there.
Last time I thought about returning there, well, I was in an internal struggle, a place of fear to begin with, but, I felt like going back would be like being thrown to the lions, and I knew I had to be like Daniel in the lions den, or perhaps like like other guy in the bible, the one who was thrown into the firey furnance, because he refused to bow down to the idol the reigning Monarch (isn't that a butterfly?
and why aren't they called flutterbye's?)had created. Like Money. Isn't that king in the u.s.?
Well at this church, they had given us, the congregation, some supposedly sacred
water. What is sacred? Any ideas? I mean Marriage is supposed to be sacred,
sex is supposed to be sacred, and I get the impression that all these things
were at one time ceremonies? Not quite right, ceremonial sex? Anyway my mom used to say that sex is sacred. So, back to the sacred water. It was passed out like a communion of sorts and yup, I drank it too. Come on you guys, I'm still breathing
aren't you too? (good thing) Along with this, actually after it we were given
these instructions, about how to "create" more sacred water. They made it sound
like it was an easy thing. Well me, I'm up for easy. So I go home with this paper
and leave it lying around for a while. One day I pick it up, can't remember how I opened it, whether I actually untied the blue ribbon or not, is that really important? So what I find, are not simple instructions, ought to know cause...
What I find is a very complex magical formula. And Moreover the instructions
are not complete. I mean IF you want ME to visualize some thing, you have to
send it to me, telepathically or through the astral planes, because I've gotten stuff like that before, but only at one time, while I was involved with this young man of the age of twenty three, who thought he was demon possessed,(lot of sses in that one let me see what happens if i take out the sses poeed,um remove the fool and you've got urinate-sigh)Oh yeah He believed he was possessed, but me, I thought he
was just mixed up, like one of his past life experiences was bleeding through
somehow, taking control. He did seem to have different personalities, kinda like Sybil, that lady with how many different personalties? Anyway I somehow next equated
that with entities, and asked Andreas about it. Can't recall exactly what he said,
Something about that rarely happens, (Me, I probably think it's rife)
So to make a long story (even longer) next time I'm in the church it's for a
reflexology course. Running late, as usual and not really thinking exactly what the course was about I end up going totally unprepared. I mean I didn't even wash my feet
for bout the past three days, and there was noooo waaay I was gonna take off my socks. So while the teacher droned on I had to try and stay awake, did not have proper sleep the night before, but I did rest, and managed somehow. I got paired
off with this really nice lady, got to rub her feet. She was so sweet, had painted her toe nails for the occasion, got all purity ed up, so to speak. Anyway before I even went in to the class, I spoke with one of the senior pastors, a woman named
(don't quote me) Jane? no, Jean Seymore? Seemore is what I get. I inquired about the instructions for the sacred waters, asked her how the pyramids were positioned,
side by side, or on top of one another, inverted or not, etc...
Then I asked about the spin... She didn't seem to know what I was talking about!
I explained, someone else must be doing it for you. and left it at that.
My copy of the instructions? Well don't remember what day it was, but I took the paper, (back in it's ribbon) outside in my back yard over to the fire pit we have
for back yard campfires and I burned it. Felt like someone did not know what they were doing, so I turned it to ash.
Going to try and find something I wrote a long time ago, pre 1975, to post on the poetry forum. Hope everyone enjoys it.

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