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How I Got Better...
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Published: 21 years ago

How I Got Better...

Hi everyone,

I'm still feeling wonderful. I haven't had any signs of symptoms in
about a week! That is a miracle for me.

I had so many symptoms. I will share the least embarrassing...

sinus congestion
sinus infections
uticaria (hives when exercising)
exercise induced asthma
eczema (scaling, oozing rashes on hands YUCK!)
onchoncomycosis (sp!)
allergies to dust, cats, pollen
rash on sides of nose and between eyebrows (classic Candida rash!)
libido problems
intestinal unhappiness
abdominal pain
major menstrual pain
tinnea corporis, capitis (ringworm on body and scalp)
cold hands and feet

I guess I did have one symptom still...I still have the cold hands and feet, but it seems like I do not have it as often.

I've been following the Body Ecology Diet, which I can't recommend
enough. The book with the diet info costs about $15. After that, you
spend your money on good, healthy food!

Things that are curing me:

SPIRULINA powder mixed with water and powdered vitamin C
VITAMINS/SUPPS AM and PM: Vitamin A, Calcium/Magnesium, Cats Claw,
flax oil (if not planning on making salad dressing that day)

I take Vitamin E (d-alphatocopherol is best) at lunch. Vit E should
NOT be taken with other vitamins.

I did SF-722 for several months at the start of the diet, then I
stopped AFs all together because there was too much conflicting info
about whether to rotate them every three months or every four days,
and I did not want the yeast to become immune to the antifungals. So
I started working on healing my immune system so IT could beat the

Now, I am back to using AFs on a four day rotational basis. I'm
currently using olive leaf extract.

RAW CULTURED VEGGIES: organic, saltless from Rejuvenative Foods or
make your own. I don't want to make it, so I shell out the dough for

SLEEP: I *try* to get to sleep by 10pm. I used to be a night owl.
Lately, I've been getting into bed at 9pm. It's wonderful to read a
book and pet the cat for a bit.

EXERCISE: I change what I do each time I work out. I walk around the
lake, walk through the neighborhood, use rowing machine, circuit
weights, free weights, kick boxing video...My goal is to start taking
yoga now that I am well enough to do so.

PROPER FOOD COMBINING: I rarely mix proteins with starches anymore.
Fruit is still eaten rarely. I only eat lemons, cranberries, and
limes so far. I make juice from unsweetened cranberry juice (great
for summer popsicles!)

UNDEREATING: I try not to overeat. I eat a little and wait. If I am
hungry later, I might eat some more. I try to eat to only 80% full
and leave 20% for digestion.

PROPER FOOD RATIO: 80% Veggies and 20% protein OR starch at every

SALADS: I eat a big one at least once per day. I put different things
into it so I won't get bored. My favorite is dulse. It's delicious.

SEA VEGGIES: I love wakame and dulse. Agar-agar is good for making
jellos. Arame is fun and tastes great cooked with curry.

GRAINS: I only eat quinoa, amaranth, millet and buckwheat. These
grains are more like seeds and do not feed yeast (according to BED).

WATER: I drink at least 1.5-2 litres per day. I drink at least .5 oz
per lb of body weight.

HERBAL TEAS: I drink traditional medicinals brand, some teas I found
in Chinatown, and some that I make out of roots and herbs. Ginger
Burdock Dandelion Yellow Dock Red Raspberry Leaf Licorice Echinacea
Pau d'arco clove/cinnamom/nutmeg (very antifungal!!)

Apple cider vinegar
Coconut Oil
Tea tree oil
Bag balm
sliced daikon radish to relieve itch
Aveeno lotion
tea tree soap
Selsun Blue dandruff shampoo (kills yeast on skin)
a topical steroid Ultravate (I used minimal amount to relieve itching
quickly and then changed to more natural methods.)


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