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Lyme Disease Controversy
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Published: 17 years ago
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Lyme Disease Controversy


Posted By: Daystar
Date: Wednesday, 21 December 2005, 9:12 a.m.

I have posted here many times before about the Lyme Disease Controversy/Conspiracy. Proper research into this's testing, diagnosis and treatment, is being blocked. Doctors who treat this chronic illness are being investigated and their licenses are being taken away. There are thousands upon thousands of people who are being misdiagnosed with all sorts of so called autoimmune diseases which supposedly have no known definitive tests, causes or cures. Lyme Disease does not stand alone in this chronic illness pandemic. There are many coinfections which can all be passed on in one tick bite. Some of these coinfections are babesiosis, erlichiosis, mycoplasma and bartonella. Viruses are also included in this mix.There are also other means of transmission besides ticks. There are other insect vectors, the disease can be passed through the placenta, through intercourse, some of the infections can be passed on through the blood supply. One researcher has found the lyme microbe in tears and feels that it can be passed on easily to family members in this way. On the whole these pathogens are not being tested for. Why is this? I do not believe it is out of ignorance. The family doctor may be innocent of the correct proceedures but those running the medical industrial complex know exactly what they are doing.

Recently Dr. Jones, our ONLY pediatrician in Connecticut who openly treats chronic lyme in children, is under attack. Those in the lyme community are currently trying to raise money for his legal defense. Not long after we heard about Dr. Jones we have recieved word that the "authorities" are also going after a Dr. Jemsek from N.C.

This is becoming an extremely serious situation. There are only several doctors to begin with who treat lyme. This is not an easy disease to treat with natural treatments and everyone has it to a different degree. With some people the disease is much more stubborn than with others. This may have to do with the number of coinfections the patient may harbor.

I am predicting that if the people ( not just those who think they have lyme)do not rise up against this criminal activity, our nation will be come heavily disabled and totally dependant on the medical system for solely symptomatic treatments. Much more money is made on many symptomatic treatments rather than on a cure. Also the government will be able to manipulate us to do their bidding. We need the drugs and they control them. Many of you know they are even trying to restrict natural treatments.

Antibiotic resistence is an excuse often used. However , I've always heard that not treating the germ long enough and strong enough leaves left over microbes which then become resistent. So...are resistent strains being created by limiting the length of treatment for Lyme Disease? You have to remember the drug companies want us to remain sick. This is how they make money.

Yale University is one of the main forces behind this unimaginable situation we are all in. They own a patent on a lyme test which is over 99% accurate...but it is not being used. Yale also has a patent on the Lymerix vaccine. From what I understand ( I will be learning more about this)the accurate test owned by Yale is not being used because it would show that their lyme vaccine is bogus. Lack of accurate testing is the main reason people are not being diagnosed and treated.

For a start....anyone who is diagnosed with such flimsy labels such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, M.S, ADD, Alzheimer's, arthritis, Bi Polar Depression, extreme anxiety, etc.....please get tested for lyme and it's coinfections. The Bowen lab is a good place to start and if you can't afford it or can't find a doctor to order it for you ,Igenex Labs is the next best.

The following is a letter of gratitude to Dr. Jones from a mother who had a son seriously ill with Lyme. This is just one story out of thousands.

People.....this affects ALL of us

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