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the kid is nto the only one to blame
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Published: 19 years ago
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the kid is nto the only one to blame

remeber he posted sayign his girlffriend was havign problems with his problem!
it swign s both ways.
personally i htink he shoudlahve just poated his questiona dn lef tout his age...

a great deal of theis netire thread woudl ahve then been not evne written...
itis good to poin tout the consequnces to him potentially and to his gal..
bu tremmeber they are BOTH makign this decison/ no tjust him.. and i fyourea dmy post to him freeyayo read this above youwill see my viewpoint is strongly against teen sex
but i did ntofeel the need to call him a pprever tor such to pioint out the validity of the legalities of the situation.

who ever posted about if a girl did not get an education then she woudl end up a p 0 r n star.. i don't tknow ...
i droppe dout in 8 th grade but stillamnage dlater to ge tmy ged and to goto a few smemeesters in college for learnign ina n area i wanted soeminfo knowledge in..
i am nto and never have been a p 0 r n star.. i willsay ihave been asked *laugh* but i don't do that sort of thing.
it bugs metoo cause my daughter has no highschool diploma but hey she is amkign money for herself helpign a guy that design s web sites for compnaies... so it is all how you look at it...
i think when we lump folksitnocategories it can affect they way others see us/ unfortuenelt y a grea tmany folsk do this... i was a teen runaway form age 12 wha t do youthink of when you hear that? yep....
so i don't tell folks that in relalife.
becuse believe it or not youcan survive with out stellign or prostitution or any of the normal outlets / i fyoustick to your personal integrity...
butunfortunelty mos tfolsk hear that and think hmm bet youdid this and that.. and woudln't bleive me til the night is green/ it is a shame when we cubicle and cuuby hole
folskinto out own littel boxes of ppresummed identity.
i never even resorted to top lessd ancign lol !! i fyousearch for a higher road you will fidn it...
i develope d quite a fe wneenmies becaus ei did not conform
i proved them wrogn when they said youahv e to do this to survive they were dead wrong....

this guy is a fiftenn yr old.. with toen s of peer pressure and probly 80 % of his aquaintances are doign tthe same... i hard ly think he desreves to bec alled a that fo rthe REAL ones.. that film us in bath rooms and hteir hosues and get awy a with it..
that amke snuff films / and degradign stuff...
a 15 year ols actign out of normal teen growth without knowledge or aforethoguht is eaxactly that.. the shame is that hemighte nd up gettign judged as one...
whiel the real ones get off with a slpotn eh ahdn for vyer rela kidnappings and tortures and abuses. ge titin poerspective. *)
sorry about my bad typing ... gee those head injreuisi for the REAL ones still linger on 12 years later...
belive me i speak form experience..

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