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Thanks Wren for your answer and response to Athena1
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Published: 19 years ago
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Thanks Wren for your answer and response to Athena1

Thank you Athena1 for your response but I have just a few questions for you. When I am performing oral sex on my wife, which is as often as I can, I love to get her juices on my face, because I love the taste, smell, feel of her womanhood. Does this mean that she is degrading me? Because I don't feel degraded! Sometimes sex is messy, and that can be fun to most adults. Sometimes she will straddle my face (her knees near my ears, me lying on my back) and push herself into my mouth. I also in the moment of passion enjoy this, even though I am playing a somewhat submissive role and she is playing the dominant role. Do you think that I'm being degraded even though I don't think I am? Sometimes I like it when she gets carried away and uses my hair to force my lips and tongue closer to her vagina. Is that degrading? What's the difference between these acts in your mind and me wanting to give her a facial? Sperm IS meant for conception, just as breasts are meant for feeding babies: is the fact that adult men and women view breasts as being physically attractive suggest a perversion in your mind, or wouldn't you simply admit that sexuality and human psychology is a lot more complicated, beautiful and intense that that simple 'biological utility' arguement would seem to imply? I assume that you therefore don't approve of any birth control, since as you put it: 'sperm was foremost intended for conception'. Hell, a hammer is for hammering, but is using a hammer as a paper weight perverted or somehow morally wrong? I understand why you would view facials as being degrading to women, since they usually are as depicted in p 0 r n, but in my post I explained why I found them to be beautiful, and I don't think that anything I suggested could imply that I personally found this p 0 r no aspect their primary appeal. Since I can understand where you're coming from, could you at least admit that from a male perspective you could understand how it would feel spiritually significant for a woman to love and accept my sperm? If a man refused to orally satisfy you--an act which you probably find degrading anyway since the vagina is foremost intended for conception--because he found your taste and smell to be disgusting, wouldn't you just slightly feel rejected? And as for using Mr. Cayce as an authority, I forget, is this the same Mr. Cayce who predicted that California would fall into the ocean by the twentieth century, that China would be converted en masse to Christianity by 1968, and that the scientists would discover in the 1950's the same death ray that had been used in Atlantis?

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