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PAINFUL SEX.......some thoughts
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Published: 19 years ago
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PAINFUL SEX.......some thoughts

Dear Anon...

If you just re read your own post, you can read between the lines and see the psychological aspect of this problem.

Deep in the mind (where it all begins) you are all of the things that you wrote in your post...ashamed, etc and in part , the mind, the subconsious, the SOUL is helping to bring about the very things that are buried there.

Punishment for the sin, if you will.

In my many years of dealing with herbal and natural ways, and exercise too, for the resolution of such things, ultimately I found that deep seated guilts manifest in all manner of hurts, even when an examination reveals no cuts, no strained muscle, no "nuttin".

The fact that it is at the very entrance...I am taking you literally when you say the opening of your V, rather than the opening of the lips...... is practically a dead giveaway.

However, I would try this . I am going to mention a brand name here, but in no way am I interested in any business. This is just based upon twenty some years experience with probably two hundred women's problems , as I used to give "talks" on these things, much to the utter surprise of the women who attended, for there before them was....a GUY !!

And often (I could easily spot them by their negative body language) there were nurses and twice there was a female MD.

And as I related problems, and drew out the entire structure on the board, tying digestion, colon problems, etc to female problems, in every instance these women told me that they had never learned of those relationships in Med school or Nurses training.

So , since this is the brand that I personally witnessed giving astounding results in most any female problem, I suggest that you find an Herbalife distributor and buy several bottles of their Tang Kuei PLUS (pronounced, and sometimes spelled: Dong Quai). Since those days twenty some years ago, they have added a hormonal balance product or two as well.

My brand new wife (at the time, many years ago) suffered since the age of fourteen from spotting and odd pains in that area.

In SIX weeks her decades long problem was gone...from just taking this product, and that was 22 years ago and it did not return.

For less than forty dollars. (at the time)

And those first five years of marriage were not easy to deal with, but that is where love comes in, for our generation did not grow up to sex first and then try to find out what love is. Sex without a strong FRIENDSHIP first, and the building of trust, is just a quick nothing, no matter how ooooohy it felt for a moment.

Anyway, since this product (among other things) relaxes the smooth muscle structure of your body, many many many times, I found that painful sex for a woman was resolved when:

She sincerely asks forgiveness for whatever was deep seated in the subconscious, and took this product (assuming an improved dietary intake as well) and took ENOUGH OF IT, long enough to see the results.

Women often have severely spasmed muscles in their reproductive system........guilt, excessive cold (especially when women wore skirts all the time) and who knows.

Whereas a "crick in the neck" or a tight back muscle is evident, and painful, many times there is no pain in that area....a woman just "adjusts" , not realizing that nerve and blood supply is being diminished at all times, and that sooner or later a problem will surface.

Take that product several times a day, and at bedtime.

Don't try to eke out one or two at a time, or you may as well not do this at all. When you detect your period about to spring forth, take even more a few days ahead.

Take this without food by a half hour or so and apart from any Vitamin C, for that lessens the effectiveness.

Dont' take it with Orange Juice, in other words.

Between addressing the mental aspect and treating the forgiveness need as deadly serious as the taking of a product, you may indeed see an end to this.

Modern sexually active young people have been cheated out of knowing what REAL love is, the kind of love that sustains when life's mean hand falls upon us.

And this might be a great time to realize that booze is a very destructive thing that should depart from your life.

Older Guy Brought Up to Respect Women

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