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Published: 19 years ago
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Dear 16078....

I am getting an interesting mental picture here.

He wants you to wear STOCKS? Like in the Pilgrim days, with head and hands stuck in between those boards?

LOL..........of course I know you meant STOCKINGS.

NO. You do not have to be worried!

Quite the contrary. Be happy that he is imaginative and sensual, for you could have wound up with one of those "just push and she'll be grateful for anything I give her, cause I'm da Man!" types.

Why do you think that advertising uses women in stockINGS and so forth?

Because it adds some mystery and contrast.

And delight.

In my day , being a generation or so older than you, no doubt, every young guy's dream was to see a naked lady, but in those (wonderful) days, such was impossible, for there was no porm or semi p 0 r n or rotten movies.

Isn't it strange how we turned out to be:

Infinitely happier in marriage and sex


For we learned the value of being FRIENDS first and foremost, and no one had pictures of naked ladies...except on a rare occasion when some guy would find some little dirty comic that his Dad brought back from Europe in World War two or something, the best we could hope for was the Sears catalog, women's underwear section.

You know, the white cotton huge "bloomers" with legs?


And Bra's that darn near covered the whole chest and shoulders.

And while a nice girl decided to seduce me at age 16 , I still did not see more than white legs leading up to a coat and gloves as it was in the back seat of a Chevy, ten miles out toward her farm, with huge snowbanks all around and cold as heck.

Except for one very warm place.

My first chance to see a totally naked lady happened this way:

After running into the service at age seventeen (to save my Mom from the "Commie hordes"...what a lie) and a seasoned combat veteran at age nineteen, I was on the way home when we stopped at a port. I went swimming, and was able to see some girls in bathing suits , which was nice, but then:

While heading back to town, we were suddenly stopped by some bleeding US servicemen dudes, who told us there was a big fight in a whorehouse down the street.

An officer was there and he immediately placed the two of us of NCO rank on Military Police duty............(Shore Patrol)

Yeah, right.......a bunch of guys just out of combat , drunk on green rum. Good way to get killed by friendly fire.

We hit the door and went in. "Shore Patrol", we said, and a guy...ONE OF OURS...picked up something heavy and threw it at us.

Naked women were everywhere, screeching and trying to get into rooms...

Had we paused a second longer with our open mouths seeing naked boobs and bottoms for the first time in our lives, we would probably be buried over there, so we went out the back door and talked to some whores from next door until it quieted down.

Then we went in on a room by room search.

We would knock, and a voice would say that there were no servicemen inside, but we insisted that they open it, so we went in to search closets, etc and had to actually TOUCH a naked lady a time or two to get them out of the way.

We were two (almost) virgin guys trying to be tough and businesslike around naked women who were not the least embarrassed by it. But we were.

BUT THE GIRL WHO LOOKED THE BEST TO ME....(I had made a vow to NOT touch any overseas women or whores so that I would be a nice guy for the woman I married some day)...was the one who had the black stockings and those little garter belt dealies that held them up.

At least twenty naked ladies and THAT is the one that I kept glancing at.

And since I am a highly imaginative and considerate guy, your "boy friend" must be also.


Pop on the socks and make it a happier time for each of you!

Just be glad you don't have to wear those seamed stockings every day for work. Only for fun.

signed: Older guy, but one who knows women backwards and forwards, inside and out...

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