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Let's start by un Freaking..
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Published: 19 years ago
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Let's start by un Freaking..

First of all, you just had an exam AND a hernia operation recently.

Lot of simple things could account for what you INADEQUATELY describe.

Stitching up a hernia tear could have slightly altered the angle of one of your testicles and as you view it, it looked larger, but that could be just the different angle from which you now see it.

You could have a general infection from the operation and a poor post operation treatment.

Have you taken a fall or sustained ( in football or anything ) some injury to the lower spine....L4 or L5 Lumbar?

When this happens, and blood flow is cut off to critical sexual organs and bladder, etc , oft times (I speak from experience here) there is a pinched nerve also, resulting in pain in one testicle (the kind that scares you) and usually results in some swelling.

These are possibilities, but see a doctor.

OH yes, the Xrays. Search the net for: Dr. Hazel Purcells(Parcells) and find her famous baths that she used to neutralize the effects of Xrays on the human body and do them nightly for a while.

I forget...followed her advice for years and to this day we soak all veggies and fruits and eggs in her solution of pure original Clorox for the required minutes before using them. But find that and do that. It's either baking soda or Rock salt....maybe both..............will look that up.

You did not give your age.

Let me also allay some of the other fear.

ALMOST EVERY GUY HATES AND FEARS AND IS EMBARRASSED BY THOSE EXAMS. It is one of the reasons why men are so damned dumb (in women's eyes) for we do not go to doctors until it's too late...darn near, whereas a woman will go at the drop of a hat.

Is it because they are less embarrassed? OH, I don't think so...although I have known lots of women...some were very sophisticated (to the public) but when close in "those" kind of talks, they were ten year old little girls, scared and needing comfort.

It's just that they learn much earlier in life that it's a "woman's lot" to go to doctors and they become more accustomed to it.


Makes your skin crawl, shivers up the back, and you just lost about one inch didn't you?

Hell, I did. Worse than fingernails on a blackboard.

No, another thing about a woman.

A woman, give or take, looks exactly like any other woman when naked. Oh yes, there are perky breasts here, and a slight saggy breast there, and maybe more hair (sometimes a ton of it), but they do not have any thing that is supposed to hang down.

So a guy has a million more scares than a woman, lest his hang- down be even slightly less than that guy across from him, also getting a Physical.

That ,of course, is man's deepest fear and the most damaging of all things in a relationship.

Am I good enough?

What kind of guy was she with before?

Was he larger than me?

Fear, sweat, and the hang down shrinks even more from the fear, right?

You are not alone. The only guys I have known...and that's over fifty years..who did not have that fear are the FEW who actually did have more hang-down than brains.

And yes, any guy who ever lived would trade some brains for more hang.

And the problem is that it was not women that started that whole fear thing. It was guys....a good way to eliminate the competition by making a young guy think he could never get a woman to love him.

So see? You are not alone in being embarrassed.

The worst was the OLD way of joining the Marines or service going way back, for the physical involved being in a circle of guys, all with hang downs, while a doctor and a corpsman went along and gave each guy the hernia test and then the "guy terror" test, the old prostate thingy.

And in the days before a guy realizes that his hang down does not look as big as the guy across from him because he is looking straight down, sheer terror sets in as you wonder if a woman would be used to "one of them".

So this should show you that you are not alone. I am far from a kid, whereas you are obviously young, and I found out, when single for a long time in my thirties and forties, that the beautiful women that came into my life...they found me....had no more concern about size than the man in the moon, for they were stunned and thrilled that an old fashioned man existed, who had impeccable manners, made them laugh, and most of all, knew their body better than they did, had no hidden agenda, and was as gentle as could be, but every bit a regular strong man type, without a wimp bone in his body.

Many women told me that the last thing they wanted was to be stretched and hurt and torn by some guy who thought he was the very gift to all women because he drooped down farther.

So this embarrassment is just something that we all had to deal with, and still do.

In addition, not a man alive ever looked forward to a prostate exam, not just because it can hurt...more mortification than hurt often, but every man who IS a man get's squirrely as hell to think about another guy know.

Take a deep breath...and relax..

Be checked for latent hidden infections, learn to take the famous hot/cold shower treatment to bring needed circulation to that area and be sure to get plenty of zinc in your diet, stay completely away from soft drinks of all kind and drink just water the rest of your life, and enough of it, learn some pressure point therapy for removing the excess lymph that may not be draining from there...remember that the lowest testicle is also the lowest point of the whole sexual and elimination apparatus, so infections from in the incision area, etc, with gravity, find the lowest place to pool up .

And by the way, one testicle larger than the other is not uncommon, and often for the above reason.

Get a small trampoline if you don't have one now and jump on that faithfully every day, for it is the best means of moving the stale lymph drainage and so forth from the body.

Hot cold: Shower. Hot as you can take it all over for ONE minute, then switch to chickening out except maybe the first two or three times, ice cold for one minute, then switch instantly. Do this seven times, end on cold (unless you do this at bedtime, then hot down to luke warm and remain until you are just warm , then you can sleep.

This is an ancient healing method for nearly all manner of illness and often brings about a healing all by itself.

Yes, we all (guys) know what you are thinking. Hit my hang down with ice water after hot water??????????? AAAARGH ! Right?

The benefits outweigh the AARGH. And the fact is , with the better circulation that this brings to the entire area, even that hang-down that all but disappeared on you during the "ice age", actually gets better and improves from this needed circulation improvement.

Hey. Can't have an omelette with breaking eggs...OH OH, no pun was intended...

Yes, what happens is that the brain senses the drastic change in skin temperature when the hot is on, and moves blood to the surface of the body to "cool" the skin, then when the skin suddenly turns icy cold, the brain causes the blood to move back inside to protect the vital organ's required temperature, and so on. This MOVEMENT of blood is what brings the healing nutrition AND the removal of the waste from the lymph system .

Combine this with the trampoline, and get circulation going to assist in the healing of this area.

This is over and above what a doctor will tell you, for they are not trained in these matters, yet they have been used for a century or more.

Just like in a classroom, when you think you are the only one who DOESN'T GET IT, we don't know when we are younger that no one else does either, but no one has the guts to be first to admit it.

It's the same with embarrassing exams. The guy who just left the doc, with his clothes on and that "manly look" that he practiced before he walked out the door was just as nervous as you, he was just older and had to face it before.

It does not get much easier, any more than each time with a new woman, when what you now KNOW, means squat , because that darned old subconscious again whispers: "What if her former husband was......."

Life ain't as easy for a guy as women think it is. They forget that all they have to show when naked is pubic hair.

And furthermore, and to end this manuscript, some guy's hang-downs are longer when soft, but do not "grow" as much when aroused, whereas another guy might hang down half as much when soft, but grow that extra distance and then some when aroused.

You can't tell, but our minds almost kill us with what they think, don't they?


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