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Alpha Lipoic Acid removes heavy metals--and minerals.
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Published: 17 years ago
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Alpha Lipoic Acid removes heavy metals--and minerals.

Alpha Lipoic Acid will remove heavy metals, like all that Aluminum Lake from lipstick. It will also grab Iron out of your system, but that could be a good thing. High levels of Iron are associated with Iron Loading in Cancer. Trash Iron is not a nutrient but an irritant.

To increase useful Iron levels in the body, it usually isn't necessary to supplement with Iron. GNC has Iron-Free multivitamins because of the Iron Loading-Cancer connection. Simply get a good spectrum of B Vitamins, including sublingual B-12, which will potentiate natural dietary Iron, just as Vitamin E potentiates Selenium (below).

I just took my first Primal Defense. I know from the ringing in my ears this morning and past experience that I have somehow liberated heavy metals. So I am going to whack those with some Ascorbic Acid, or Alpha Lipoic Acid, both taken with meals, as they are a bit strong on the stomach. Alpha Lipoic Acid is particularly good for healing up Leaky Gut, and its heavy metal removal could be one factor.

I.V. Chelation therapy with EDTA can remove heavy metals quickly. "Nothing to lose-type" heart patients given up by doctors experience a decided edge when the heavy metals are reduced. The cycle is probably a combo platter of irritation which could start from an acid pH from general demineralization from modern diets and heavy metal exposure, especially at work (welders and Cadmium, for example).

Acid attacked "Leaky Cell" tissue is "patched" with Calcium, which will tend to bring along attendant irritating trash metals, especially in high-sugar systems, if observation serves. Check out Dr. Larrian Gillespie's "You Don't Have to Live with Cystitis" for the drill on Leaky Cell as exemplified in bladder health, and her Leaky Cell diet. P.S. Gilesspie says no acid Cranberry Juice for painful urination, and avoid Tryptophan-rich, Leaky Cell enhancing Turkey, O.K.?

Irritation from trash metals laid down in a high-sugar environment may become a site for systemic Chlamydia Pneumoniae to settle, which forms vascular plaque, the bug implicated in Atherosclerosis. So the trick is to stay mineralized with phytominerals, plant minerals, to keep an alkaline pH, and the substances which potentiate their use.

"Colloidal Minerals" are negatively charged, and inherently irritating. Stick with plant sources, and raise a Beet or two yourself. (I'm going to "seed" soil probotiocs in the garden with dilute Primal Defense.)

Take a course of Alpha Lipoic Acid or chelation to remove trash metals now and then. Shut the other pathogen door to the heart by taking a full-spectrum natural (d-Alpha, not dl-Alpha) Vitamin E, which potentiates Selenium, which guards against the heart plaque forming virus, Coxsackie B Virus.

The presence of heavy metals is more biologically reactive in acid pH systems. Get pH paper and the protocol off the web for testing urine and saliva. Incorporate Phytominerals, and Kelp if you can tolerate the high Glutamate content. And lay off Fluoride products, as Fluoride speeds up the deposition of trash Calcium in irritated tissue, creating more pain and pathogen sites.

When you establish the proper mineral mix, you have a front line defense, as with Selenium levels and heart health. That includes whacking back Candida (which I'm doing with Primal Defense), as Candida robs Magnesium, creating a cascade of mineral imbalances, like not being able to keep Calcium in solution which enhances trash Calcium deposition. Strep thrives in a low Magnesium environment, as with Toxic Shock from the mechanical removal of vaginal fluids containing Magnesium. Eat an Apple. The low Magnesium can trip the Strep-Antibiotic-Candida cycle. So we're back at Primal Defense to whack Candida faster than Nancy Kerrigan's knee.

"God bless us everyone!"

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