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Re: Anyone have experience working with quadriplegics?

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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: Anyone have experience working with quadriplegics?

Hi Jana, I just discovered this conversation today and really enjoyed it. First of all congratulations on finding the incurables program and using it for your personal challenge. I pray to walk all the way out to total freedom.

I loved all the responses to your query. I am a certified lymphologist, which doesn't mean much to the regular medical community, smile, but to those who know about lymphology it is wonderful.

Here is a story that somewhat relates to your situation. A ten year old girl falls off a trampoline in back yard and breaks her neck. Rushed to the hospital where they fuse her neck. Her dad rushes there from work to hear that she will be a quadrapegic. He is a certified lymphologist also and knows that the outcome can be quite different. He goes to work on her and doesn't stop for 8 hrs and the next day she walks out of the hospital.

That sounds like a miracle unless you understand how moving the lymph enables the body to do profound healing that to the uneducated looks like a miracle.

When Dr. Schulze told the man who could only move his finger to move his finger he was telling him to move his lymphatic system and when you do that healing occurs.

The massage with oils also mentioned in another post helps move the lymphatic system and does amazing things.

moving the lymph is paramount. Unfortunately if this knowledge comes years after the injury then success is harder won. Not impossible, just alot more work.

You can move the lymph with hands very effectively, that is what the dad above did.

And for a non paralysed person a rebounder moves the lymph fantastically. For a paralysed person they would need others to work on them. The key is long term "work". Like hours daily. One thing that some paralysed people are using is a 'CHI" machine. They can roll right up to it and put their feet on top of it and it wiggles them up to the waist. It can also be put on a table and their arms put into it and it wiggles them down to the waist. So they are covered in both directions.

Also colostrum has nerve growth factor in it which helps repair nerves. So if it was me personally I would be doing colostrum. Not prescribing here, just sharing my preference.

Here is a great non paralysis story regarding the chi. A lady with no legs, 70 years old, also had her arms frozen up to her chest with some sort of muscle tightening. Her hands were also unusable. She was on hospice and needed total care. A man brought her a chi machine to try out and he put it on a table where she could lean her upper body over it and get movement that way. Within two months her arms were free and she had total use of her hands and was able to care for herself and had entered some speed knitting contests. Sounds miraculous to get those results from just moving your body but that is what moving the lymph does. But it has do be done in an agressive fashion which is more than the average person can do on their own, so sometimes a machine is in order.

If someone I loved was dealing with paralysis I would recommend they try a Chi and possibly a Far Infra red dome as this promotes a phenomenal amount of healing and ciruculation. Circulation is a huge issue with paralysed people and these two units are just awesome for them.

Please don't think I am just trying to sell you something. Feel free to puchase from someone else. Just know that they are powerful heaing tools. I LOVE the incurables program, and have done it, but these two units have dome things for me that the program didn't.

God richly bless your efforts to help!
Many blessings


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