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Miracle and Bone Regrowth

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Published: 19 years ago

Miracle and Bone Regrowth

Here is a note from a dear friend of mine who is a student at Dr. Christopher's School of Natural Healing. She and her husband have faced an amazing trial during the last year, with her husband's lower jaw literally disintegrating and falling apart, to have to be removed by surgery. I worked with her to put together a program, but the program is fundamentally hers. They resorted to conventional medical procedures because he was heading towards death pretty quickly, but the miraculous recovery has largely been a process of Dr. Christopher procedures and formulae, coupled with some of the nutritional guidance from the Weston A. Price Foundation (which does not completely align with Dr. C's or Dr. S's programs). The story is inspirational and shows the amazing efficacy of Dr. C's teachings, natural healing, nutrition, emotional support, and the power of intention through prayer. I hope this means as much to you as it does to me.



You know Dr. Christopher’s story about regrowing a child’s hands after they were burnt, and you know Dr. Schultze’s regrowth stories. Now I too have done it, it really does work! I’m so amazed, so too are the surgeons! Only it wasn’t on a growing child or a teen, but a 50 year old man who underwent an amputation! Even more amazing, is the surgeon and IM doctors are being supportive and encouraging!

Last year my husband became very ill back on 18th of June 2004, (as was posted on the SNH board.)o: Nothing I did for him worked, however I couldn’t use the herbs he needed the most (like Echinacea) because he also has RA. “First do no harm.” The last thing you want to do when you have an auto immune disease is to enhance the immune system.

So despite better judgment, I took him to the doctors. His condition was to the point that I thought I was going to lose him, the doctors all said that he was very close to death. Even he said, “I could feel myself slipping away”.

The doctors at the hospital to our surprise they promptly put him into the hospital. I begged them to release him, to my surprise, after a week they did just that. I became responsible for the administration of IV Antibiotics 4 times a day, for 3 months. He was on oral Antibiotics for another month and half.

I was amazed after I learned that only RN’s are allowed to even touch an IV line, much less administer IV Antibiotics . Even after he was transferred to a different hospital’s care, and was readmitted into the hospital, I was still responsible for IV administering, staying after visiting hours to get the job done. When the staff of the hospital learned that I was not an RN and had been taking care of him and doing the IV, this earned me large amount of respect from the staff of the hospital, they started hounding me to ‘go back to school’ and become a Registered Nurse. Should have seen their reaction when I finally broke down and said that I would not do this, that I was an herbalist. :O)

Anyway. I did my best to both administer IV antibiotics to kill what ever it was that was killing him, and to counter them. I must have done a good job as he never came down with any (yeast) infections despite the long term, high doses, of the “strongest antibiotics they had”.

Another strange thing is the medical community is at a total lost to tell us why he got “acute mandibular osteomyelitis”; he had no bad teeth, no root canals, no blow to the jaw that was newer than 30 years ago, no diabetes, no tumors, no cancer, no diabetes. In fact they were totally amazed that here was a 50 year old male that had not one thing wrong with him that they could detect, save this one infection in the jaw, which they couldn’t explain. There was nothing wrong with his heart, liver, lungs, kidneys all worked fine. He was not a diabetic. He was in such good health they couldn’t tell that he had RA, and there was no damage to the pleura lining of the lungs despite him having pleurisy for over 10 years. All that they could find after doing a biopsy / and after the removal of the bone --- was ‘normal oral bacteria’ nothing else.

I think the destruction was due to an accidental spray (ricochet) in the face with wasp spray. They say it wasn’t, but it started right after that. Insecticides aren’t as benign like they like you to think they are.

Any way this infection ate his jaw bone up, all of it. They went in on 2nd of November 2004 and removed the horizontal part of the mandible and all the teeth (most of which had mercury fillings in them - no loss there). And placed in its place a titanium bar which on x-ray looks like a bike chain with the pins
removed, to hold his face up. They said there were only shards left of the bone, and that the only thing holding his face up and in place was his teeth. They were also surprised to find that the area had ‘very good blood supply”.

On the 28th of March 2005, we went back to the hospital for a pre-op check up, as they were going to do a cadaver mandible transplant on the 29th. After a full day of running and doing all those pre-op things that needed be done, the head surgeon checked him out, and found … a “miracle”.

He said, “I think you already have new bone.” So he called for an x-ray to be done. And sure enough right there plain as day on the panoramic x-ray, was a newly grown jaw bone, full width and height, and having “good form”. :O)

The nurse called out, “Miracle man, come back to x-ray. That x-ray showed us too much, we need more x-rays”. Three more, smaller x-rays later, showed that the bone was very thin (not acceptable). But since they didn’t expect any grown in the first place, and it was obviously growing well without their help in ‘no time’ at all, they have allowed for more time for more growth, to see if it will thicken up enough to support ‘screws’ for a denture plate.

I have news for them! There will be no need for screws, just you wait and see! If a 50 year old man can grow a jaw bone, he can also grow new teeth! :O)

NO THING is impossible because ALL THINGS are possible with God! That leaves no thing out. The head surgeon had told me, that it was possible for the bone to grow back in on it’s own, he did. But he sure was very surprised when it did, in fact, do just that. All he could do was shake his head, and say “The power of
prayer”. He told me to “pray”, and to “keep praying”, I did and it worked! Please help us, pray for a miracle – Imagine a 50 year old man with teething pains. :O)

He also said he would be surprised if he ever got feeling in his face after nerves were cut during surgery to remove what was left of the jaw bone, and to put in the support. Well Doc, from hand by hand sized area that was dead, all that hasn’t yet returned is two fingers by two fingers. :O) Expect a miracle!

I would like to thank; two of SNH’s students; “Ty the herb guy” and “Ligure” for their support and prayers through all this. The many countless others who prayed for us. Our children who had to grow up and run a farm / ranch all by them selves for the nearly six months we were gone. Those who supported us with funds
(motel rooms and auto repairs), research, vitamin / mineral and herb purchases. The works of Weston A Price, Sally Fallon and Mary Enig, from Weston A. Price’s foundation. And of course Dr. Christopher’s work and formulas (BF&C, Pancreas formula, Relax Eze, Calc Tea), and the School of Natural Healing.

Tiller of the soil, Keeper of the flock & heard, Guardian of the forest, herbalist, wife and mother - TLC


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