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Re: Odor coming from anus, please read (lengthy).
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Odor coming from anus, please read (lengthy).

Hey, dude, it just breaks my heart to hear your story. As for me, I have problems with acne, IBS, tonsil stones, and bad breath. People rarely talk about it, but one of the most painful aspects of having some kind of physical problem is, well,
not being confident with people of the opposite sex. I am having similar struggles like the one you are talking about, so it
brings up a lot of emotions. I am currently in college and I have been trying to make changes since I was in high school. I
have had some moderate improvements, and I am guessing if I made dramatic changes as some people on the site have, I might be
a lot better off. I apologize in advance that what I am going to write might not be the ultimate answer. I hope it helps even
a little bit.

I think your odor problem might have a strong link with your stomach problems, which I think is IBS. A doctor diagnosed me
with IBS back in high school, and your symptoms - morning diarrhea, constant going to the bathroom, alternating between
diarrhea and constipation - are extremely similar. I think what happened is that your frequent diarrhea and constipation
ravaged the anal muscles, so it's having trouble keeping gases and wastes sealed in.

One helpful solution might be -this sounds really weird, but please bear with me- anal exercise. My parents had hemorrhoids,
so they recently had surgery. While the surgery took care of the hemo's, it weakened their anal muscles. You can guess what
problems they had. The doctor told them to exercise their muscles to correct the problem. I also remember reading an article a long time ago where a Korean monk recommended it. The exercise involves deliberately contracting and relaxing your anal muscles. It's very simple. I think the exercise is pretty much synonymous with Kegel exercises, so I will explain what Kegel is.

The benefits of Kegel exercise is well-known. Its original purpose was to treat incontinence, but people soon discover that
it improved sexual function. Because the muscles used in the exercise are connected to the muscles in the anal region, I
think doing this exercise will indirectly treat your problem also. It's pretty simple. When you are urinating,
release a tiny amount, then hold it for about ten seconds, then repeat. You might notice that when you are doing this, the
muscles in your anal region tightens as well. If your muscles are weak, you will not be able to do this well at first. Just
keep doing it. I don't do this myself, so I have forgotten the details. You can easily find information on it on the Internet
or the library.

Since your problem seems to be related to stomach illnesses, changing your diet might be another helpful step. Chances are that you get diarrhea from eating foods such as dairy, sugar, extremely artificial foods (candy, chips, snacks, soft drinks, etc), fatty foods, etc. I am especially sensitive to milk, ramen, and pizza. Once you become more conscious of your food, you will notice that a lot of restaurant foods are extremely unhealthy. The solution is to bravely admit to yourself that these foods cause problems, abstain from these foods and find healthy and tasty alternatives. If you are used to eating these kind of foods, the craving becomes very strong once you stop eating them. Just make sure you have good alternatives.

Here are some examples of the changes. When you crave something sweet, eat raw fruits. Juices might not be very good because
they don't have the beneficial fiber of raw fruits. Eat whole grain foods rather than white flour, white rice, or pasta. Eat
more veggies, both steamed and raw, with your meal. Try not drinking water or soda with your meal. This seems to impede
digestion for some people. Eating a lot of steamed veggies and salad will prevent your throat from becoming too dry.

One of the most significant, and somehow ignored, obstacle to making diet changes is the people around you. As soon as you
tell your friends and family that you are making big diet hanges to improve your health, a lot of them are going to start
giving you s**t. They will be sarcastic. They will react in anger. You have to understand that their reaction is not just
because they are some evil people who want to keep you sick. Food is the prime way people bond with each other. By suddenly
avoiding all the food you enjoyed with your loved ones, you have disrupted that sense of harmony. It seems many families get
into fights because of this. I think one solution is to patiently explain to people around you that you need to make big
changes because you have "serious" (use this word to receive sympathy) health problems.

One supplement that helped my stomach a lot is Colon Care from GNC. It's a mixture of psyllium husk, a fiber source and acidophillus, the beneficial bacteria found in yogurt. Rather than ordering this, you can just buy psyllium husk and
acidopphillus separately. One person on this board said PH helps treat both diarrhea and constipation because of the way it bonds with water in the stomach.

So these are some tips you might want to try. I hope it's not too overwhelming. This site has a lot of interesting information. It feels a bit chaotic, but I am sure you can find some useful answers here. Cheer up, man. A lot of people have
problems they don't want others to know about. I think if you keep reminding yourself to stay optimistic and look for answers, things will turn out well.


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