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Re: EU Directive - Stricter Rules for Herbal Drugs

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Herbal tinctures and supplements
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mccarty Views: 1,315
Published: 16 years ago
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Re: EU Directive - Stricter Rules for Herbal Drugs

What you said, 37444, is exactly right. I should've been a bit more careful with my wording on Asperigillosis.

However, just based on my own research, Asperigillosis is probably the last infection that I would ever want to have, to be honest. It's one of the few superinfections we know of. If I diabetic was to develop this infection during long standing ketoacidosis, for example, it can literally do them in a matter of hours. So in a sense, the infection is actually far more powerful than even cancer itself.

Thankfully, very few people ever come down with it. Interestingly enough, the role of Asperigillus Niger in food and health is long and quite complex.

If you've ever taken an enzyme supplement, for example, there's a good chance that the enzymes in the supplement were derived from strains of the Asperigillus mold.

You've probably heard of citric acid . Natural citric acid comes from fruit, obviously-it is very beneficial, outside of renal failure, I suppose. The majority of the citric acid s in processed foods and beverages are not citric acid, unfortunately, even though that's what it says on the label. Rather, it is a metabolic creation of Asperigillus Niger. There's not a doubt in my mind that the vast majority of these inner ear/vertigo/dizziness/kidney problems are the result of manufacturing errors of mass production, relating back to the Asperigillus/Citric Acid creation.

Basically, Asperigillus is so invasive, so pure (But deadly), that the food industry decided to use it in mass production beginning 50 years ago.

The problem is-what happens if someone messes up along the way, you know? What if a chemist makes a mistake along the way? We all know it happens, and therefore we shouldn't be surprised to know that some of these mistakes are bound to happen from time to time.

And the problem extends beyond that-Aspergillus targets the grain supplies each and every year, enough so as to where the USDA monitors its growth in all grain and food produce-everything, OTHER than the tobacco crop, believe it or not, which should be more than interesting for everyone (Kaufmann himself has made a very solid argument between Asperigillus and its mycotoxin production, and that of lung cancer).

Further "Proof" might be found in the long observed phenomenon of cattle perishing during drought years, because of ammonia toxicity.

Glutamate (Which comes from grain) is moreless tainted in such instances, leading to disruption of urea/bun, allowing for ammonia to overwhelm the system.

If mycology (Fungal) infection can be linked with the blood disorders by this point, and it can, in my opinion, quite possibly as its cause, not an effect, and one can make the conditions back to the ammonia/glutamate areas of knowledge and that of Lactobaccilli overgrowths (Those probiotic formulas might not be a miracle for everyone, they can do the opposite in some cases, I'm certain of it), and you've got people like Kaufmann, Erdos, and Prunty making connections between the blood disorders and fungi, even lung cancer-we have to do the math here folks, you know.

In my opinion,
A)It's gotta be fungal
B)It's most likely Aspergillus at work. Candida Albucan is a small pet compared to the giant known as Asperigillosis.

The FDA and drug companies have been aggressively pursuing better treatments for Asperigillosis for years and years, with little success. They're working on it, and they'll probably get there, but it'll take some time.

In the meantime, one might decide to look at the agricultural community itself to see how they treat Aspergillus mold growth. Know what our farmers put on the crop supply to treat this one? Garlic and Cinnamon. No fancy fungicide. To prevent Aspergillus growth, they use Cinnamon and Garlic, same as they've always done.

Perhaps a few of these Candida folks might want to think about some of this, you know~. But I'm just an amateur on the same hand, so what do I know~.

In the meantime, all of these lunatics out there telling everyone that the Bird Flu was invented in a lab might want to consider the merits of global warming, and what type of affect it is bound to have on the grain supply. Take the lesson given to us by the USDA and farmers when it comes to drought, grain, and the deaths of cattle.

Birds eat grain, deer eat grain, cows eat grain. Insects sting deer and than they sting us. And we eat all of these animals.

My personal take? It's all caused by global warming, which in turn facilitates for teh growth of Aspergillus niger. And than we eat, and eat other things that have eaten it.

A virus is a virus, but a virus starts from something that's gone wrong. I'll believe in my theory long before I would allow myself to become so delusional in thought to believe that a lab's out there trying to kill off the population with something they've invented in a lab.


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