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Re: Fluoride and Aspartame: Toxin delivery express?
mccarty Views: 874
Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Fluoride and Aspartame: Toxin delivery express?

"By now most of The Idaho Observer's readers also understand that the
FDA-approved artificial sweetener "aspartame" readily decomposes into
the toxic substances methanol and formaldehyde"

Don't get me wrong-Aspartame is bad news, period. Terrible stuff. However, as a former consumer of 18+ cans of this stuff per day, I fell into this belief at one point, and eventually insisted on having my levels tested for methanol. Negative.

I think the stuff is absolutely terrible, and there's not a doubt in my mind that I was on the equivalent to something much like crack cocaine/speed, etc.

My doc even approved for an MRA test after all of the tumor talk-negative. The EEG was normal, too. CBC, Chem 20, everything normal.

It has to be something other than Methanol/Formic Acid link at work with this stuff. You can't have formic acid and formeldehyde without methanol in the context of this argument, and you can't hide methanol from alcohol screens. At 18 plus cans per day, if I had had a Methanol toxicity, the test would've shown that.

Believe it or not, it might just be caffeine itself.

If, in theory, caffeine might ever have the ability to throw off the diuratic hormone, that would conceivably in turn lead to trouble w/ the Aldosterone level. If you're aldosterone level is off, so too will your GI health, and than you're open game for a wide host of problems.

Caffeine is also a stimulant, remember. If you get that brain going overboard, we know by now that Psycho autoimmunity is very real, and so anything can go haywire in the body if the noggin ain't workin' right~. Stimulants don't help.

If the Nutrasweet folks are up to anything they shouldn't be, trust me, they'll be in big trouble in no time. Last year, John Edwards started downing about 8 diet cokes by noon everyday, you might remember. I would imagine he might still be doing so. Once he goes through the turmoil I did after a few years of this, he'll be after them in no time~. That's a lawyer you wouldn't want to deal with.

But the "Aspartame gov't conspiracy" people, that's ridiculous. They serve this stuff in the Senate, at Bush's Texas Ranch retreats, as can be seen in photographs, if there are those that would require such "Proof."

You drink that much fluid everyday, regardless of what it is, and your electrolytes are going to be thrown off one way or the other. That's undeniable, and that's likely the biggest problem there is with this stuff.

If there was any "Conspiracy" to it, doctors and others would not be bladently warning folks about caffeine, the biggest health nuisance of them all.

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