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Flushing Gallstones - My Story and what I think !
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Published: 20 years ago

Flushing Gallstones - My Story and what I think !

Several years back I was having pain on my right side and had a scan which confirmed that I did have gallstones. The doctor set up my surgery date as he said that was the only answer.
My dad had Gallstones many years ago and he had also heard of drinking olive oil so he tried it and got out some small pea sized stuff but he ended up having the operation anyway. He had several very large Gallstones which the doctor gave him after the operation. He saved them in a jar for years. They were rock solid and not soft cholesterol. They did not melt away.
So I went home and did some research.... bought Hulda Clark 's book. However I was a skeptic but was willing to try and so I did a couple of flushes and got out quite a few almond sized lumps of soft green stuff and a lot of smaller pea sized soft lumps. After doing just 2 flushes the pain was almost gone. Sometimes a few twinges and mild discomfort and indigestion after eating junk food or very sweet deserts. So I decided to cancel my surgery.
That was about 2 years ago.
Several weeks ago now I had a very bad attack of pain in the gallbladder area that almost put me in ER so I thought it was time to flush again. Last weekend I flushed again and got out more soft green stuff...only pea sized this time and a lot of green sludge. The day after the flush I felt a lot better but I think this time I will continue to flush every few weeks until all the green junk is out. I am also taking some homeopathic drops to try to soften any larger hard gallstones.
Personally I think that most of what people who flush are getting out is green bile sludge that has built up in their congested liver and gall bladder caused by stress and all the junk food and toxins we are eating and breathing. I doubt that the huge golf ball sized "stones" are actually that size when the exit the gallbladder. I believe it definitely comes from the liver but I think that the thick bile that exits the gall bladder during the flush congeals and forms into those large lumps when it rolls around in the intestines which are filled with epson salts. I think it would be very difficult to actually pass such large lumps(stones) through the gall bladder opening.
Don't get me wrong... this stuff comes from the congested liver/gallbladder all right and the flushes help the liver cleanse itself of toxins, parasites , etc etc.
What do you all think ?
I have suffered for years from Depression as well as atrial fibrllation. I am hoping that doing these flushes regularly will eventually cure me of those problems as well. I am on medication for both and it really zaps my energy so would be so good to throw out all medicines eventually.
In the mean time I will just keep on flushing and eating as healthy a diet as possible.
Thanks for listening.



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