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Re: Starting second flush tonight-Blueduck+Lapis
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Published: 20 years ago
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Re: Starting second flush tonight-Blueduck+Lapis

Old Pilot, Your flush sounds like it went all right. I do think it would have gone much better if you had not eaten fat, the margarine. At least you were able to get out some stones !

Margarine is horrible, all of it. Can you just put your apple sauce on the toast? I know it is hard to give up the foods that you love, but is it not better than having gall bladder attacks ?
Bread is not good at all, I still eat it though. One slice, and not every day. I put mashed avacado on my toast. I also put slices of fresh garlic on there, with the avacado. Before I had the gall bladder attack I ate two slices of toast every weekday morning with loads of butter. I do not eat butter now any more. On weekends I would eat half a package of bacon, two eggs fried in butter, white rice and the two pieces of toast with butter. I am glad that I gave all of that up. I feel better and do not have to always worry if what I eat will cause another gall bladder attack. Pain and fear of the pain is my motivator.

I do not really mind the taste of the Epsom Salts . The taste is gone in a few seconds, I drink a few sips of water after to get the taste out of my mouth. If I use grapefruit juice with the oil, I use three pink ones and I shake it up real well. I am finding that way I do not mind the taste as bad as when I use straight olive oil and chase it with sips of lemon juice.

Find a health food store and shop there !! The do have some breads that are better than regular grocery stores. They also have many organic things that taste quite nice.

This soy seems that soy is not good. I have read and read and the only ones that claim that soy is good are the ones selling it. If you have not already started to eat soy products I would recommend that you do not start. I am sure that Lapis will be around to tell you more about soy and why it is not good.

It is ok to be green !! I am still green in some areas. I came to curezone last September. I have learned that what I thought was a decent diet was not at all. I eat a lot of vegetables now and I enjoy them. I also eat fresh fruit. The only things I eat now that comes in a box are my teas and oatmeal, which may be the next thing on my list of things to do away with eating. All processed foods make stones. This was a hard one for me to grasp, but it is true. I am done poisoning my body with the chemicals and preservatives used to make the things in boxes. I do not eat much than comes in cans either, but I still love the canned green beans! Canned food is dead food. Frozen is not much better. The best things to eat are fresh vegetables and fruits, raw. Any kind of drink that comes ready made from the store is dead. It has all been cooked to death and also contains toxins: chemicals and preservatives .

I think this is the end of my food rant.

You are on the path to health now Old Pilot! Listen to Lapis, he will not steer you wrong. Some of the things he has told me really sounded crazy, but I am here to tell you that Lapis really knows what he is talking about. He got me started doing coffee enemas, encouraged me to start using a mini-trampoline, made suggestions of what vitamin and or mineral supplements I would benefit by taking, and has helped me through many times where I just felt like saying to hell with it all and going back to my old way of living. Lapis is willing to help any one that has a sincere desire to get healthy. He pulls no punches. If you decide to listen to him, be prepared to get healthy !!



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