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Re: so, what's your story?
Andreas Moritz Views: 3,157
Published: 20 years ago
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Re: so, what's your story?

Dear Duke,

I like your mind and your line of questioning.

1. Yes, my spirituality started to manifest when I began to meditate twice a day and do yoga each day, over 33 years ago. Since then my whole life has been a spiritual experience. I had many inner episodes of spiritual awakening where I knew who I was, without boundaries and limitation. They co-incided with soul changes, that is, where facids of my own soul were exchanged with new ones that brought new gifts and skils into my life.

But the most profound spiritual experience for me is to be able to be centered in the present moment for most of the time, where fear, worry and doubt are absent. While I wrote the book Freedom from Judgment, this anchor of profound inner knowingness became most pronounced and has stayed with me ever since. The negative things of life have no longer an impact on my body and mind, for I am able to preceive the reasons they are there, and they are nothing but positive ones. Since then I have been shown both ends of the spectrum of duality living, regardless of whether they involve, emotions, health or disease of the physical body, the planet, society, global events, etc. And almost everything that happens to us makes sense to me now.

2. I began different forms of liver cleansing from age 12,about 37 years ago, but unsuccessfully though. I did my first successful liver flushes in the mid nineties, after I suffered a total of 40 gallbladder attacks. The results were striking, for I was able to do get three times as much work done without getting fatigued. The energy my body had to come up with to deal with the congestion in my liver and GB, was suddenly available for other things.

3. The stones in the liver bile ducts are formed as part of a survival mechanism. The liver is not given any other choice. It would certainly be the most natural state of equlibrium to have all the ducts and channels that make up the human body open and clear (which would mean perfect health). But then we are not living in harmony with the laws of nature anymore. We eat, sleep and wake at times that interfere with the body's biological rhythms. We eat food that are manufactured in laboratories, processed, refined, fortified with syntheric cmpounds (such as vitamins, coloring agents, presevatives). We prepare food in a hurry, kill it off before we eat it, using microwaves, freezers, gasing, etc. We are exposed to environmental toxins. We inhibit bile production by way of negative emotions. There are so many other possible factors responsible for clogging up the bile ducts, like using painkillers, antibiotics, steroids, alcohol, soft drinks, eating excessive protein foods,especuially flesh foods and dairy, eating too little or too much fat, eating refined sea salt versus unrefined salt, etc, etc.

All this and more is highly unnatural for the human body. To deal with all the toxicity, the liver has to trap some of the toxins, parasites, drug particles, pollutants, etc. in order to prevent poisioning and demise of the body. Stones are formed to save the person's life, just as the clogging of arteries prevents constant release of blood clots entering the heart and brain, and formation of cancer tumors prevents lactic acids from perforating blood vessels and cause septic poisoning and instant death (see more on this in the 2002 edition of The Amazing Liver Cleanse and also in the Key to Health and Rejuvenation).

Why do we clean our hair and skin? Why doesn't the body clean itself? Simple questions, and everyone knows the answer. We get dirty, but we don't just get dirty outside. Given the unnatural circumstances we provide, the body does the best it can to stay clean inside, but it can do that only to a certain point without our help.

It doesn't need to be that way. True health education has not been part of what our schools teach, and now we are seeing the results. One day, health education will be considered more important than any other subject, to prevent national bankrupsy and a severe social/economic crisis.

4. Eating healthy, fresh and nourishing foods, living a balanced lifestyle, following your passion in life, and taking time for yourself are among the most important things to maintain a healthy and content mind and body.

5. I have done that and it has helped making the cleanse more smooth and easy. And others have resported the same, so I have included it as an option. But it is not essential and it may not be effective for everyone. It is a matter of trying it out and seeing for yourself.

With warm wishes,


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