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Re: What's The Low Down About Zappers?

Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse
Hulda Clark Cleanses


Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: What's The Low Down About Zappers?

There are a number of things to consider when it comes to "zapping". If your goal is to work against gout and fungus, then a simple zapper with specific frequencies or "keys" might work for you. Remember, the more specific the frequency to hit the target (offending organism) or in the case of Rife "condition" or so forth, the better results you will recieve. Double check me on that, but this is how I see it. I have a lot to learn to.

I can only tell you that if you can afford it, an Fscan 2 is an excellent way to go. An F160 is a powerful stand alone frequency generation device. In this way, you could simply input the specific Rife or Clark frequency sets specific to "gout" or "ear fungus" or better yet, the specific frequency sets addressing the parasites, viruses, bacteria, molds, mycotoxins, or fungi involved. In other words, a general zapping is better than no zapping at all, but if you want to get precise, like as in laser guided bombing (analogy) then you want an F160 or Fscan 2. How do you know your progress without an Fscan? You won't, except by how you feel, or what "results" you "think" you get, but without "testing" or "scanning" (DIRP) you'll never know for sure, or see the results. However, most people cannot afford the $4000 an Fscan2 will cost.

We identified the virus involved with a friends sexually transmitted warts, zapped them specific frequencies, plus the peak hits off the Fscan in that specific range, for ONE HOUR, and 48 hours later, he reports these "incurable" warts HPV are GONE... 3 weeks later, and they are STILL not present.... so...

Same thing with another friend, we run the DIRP, we discover Taenia Psisiformis Tapworm cystercosis, and eggs, we zap, and his whole life has turned around... but he has yet to do the WHOLE Tapeworm eradication protocal, which means they WILL COME BACK..... until he fully eradicates them through the proper frequency therapy follow ups, or other protocals, like Beck, or ozonated olive oil, etc. etc. etc.

I started with an RSG-1, and zapped for three weeks in preparation for my 1st liver flush. Months later, I still had the Baccilus Lechinformis (spelling?) cancer germ, and viruses attacking my knee joints, and so forth. I am lucky to, in that I consult with some great researchers also. My point is,,,, the more specific you can get with the frequencies, the better results you will have. It is also known that Bruce Stenulson's equipment is SUPER GOOD and my future goal for aquisition, along with the other equipment Dr. Sutherland, and Dr. Loyd, and other top researcher's are using out there.

One guy literally zapped his wife's Breast Cancer away... but that is way more powerful and high tech than typical "zapping"....

If you don't have an Fscan, you may wish to find someone who does, get a scan, and then use your F160 to specifically generate those targets, and TAKE THEM OUT!!!

Of course, there are other methods to include in your assualt, and defense, like Honestly, if the fungus problem is topical, simply apply strong colliodal silver, and Wild Oregano Oil from North American Herb & Spice. It is a GREAT antifungal, is tested STRONGER than any Antibiotic on the market, and only the stuff from the Mediterranean has the vital p73 chemical component to perform the Antibiotic action. Simply take 5-10 drops a day, for 30 days, 2x daily, and apply TOPICALLY to the fungal infected areas.... same with the C.S.

With the gout, check your protein consumption levels, and ratios.... and viral involvements or bacterial involvements... I zapped both " Rheumatoid Arthritis " and epstien barr sets, as well as a frequency given by Dr. Sutherland, and my knee pain IMMEDIATELY was gone.... it was also registering some gout on the scan initially.... but all this was gone within the first zap...

2128 zap is better than no zap, but I found that I had a LOT of stuff STILL in me... and still RAGING..... so.... do as Clark says... get SPECIFIC... get a FREQUENCY Generator, and do some sniper action... but FIRST you must identify the targets..... the shotgun approach may work... but it DIDN"t FOR ME!!!

I hope this helps a little. I am still learning all the time, but for me, it started HERE at Curezone. The rest is a very interesting story. Remember, unless you BOOST your NK killer cells and IMMUNE SYSTEM, you can zap forever, and they will just COME BACk.... in many cases,,, reinfection or recontamination is an ONGOING issue... so be WISE and do what the PRO's and TOP RESEARCHER's in the world do.... TAKE YOUR TRANSFER FACTOR with your FREQUENCY SPECIFIC ZAPPING regimen


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