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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Vtool...

Hi - great work with the liver flush! Para Free? Seems like they used to refer to a product like this on forums some time ago? - The Clarkia did go up in price, so if what you are using is less expensive, and effective - Super! I used to make all my own herbal extracts and tinctures, and will again when I settle in more permanently. As for your questions - I'll throw in my 2 cents ;)

Hypothetically, can the F165 or Super Zapper DeLuxe 2004 be used to electrify the blood or is it the Bob Beck silver pulser that is supposedly the one for that? -
The term "electrify" would be most likely in regards to Dr. Bob Beck and the "blood electrifier" or Silver Pulser etc. (there are more sites with Beck blood electrifiers, but that's a great start). The idea is that you are putting two small cotton sleeved covered electrodes moistoned with salt water directly on the arterial points (arteries, right on top of them) on the wrist, or ankles (Beck mentions carotoid, but one manufacturer does not recommend that expiramentation).

Is a zapper/blood electropurification unit that is compatible with an AC adapter preferable since no charge would be lost or is battery operation sufficient ? - I would ask the manufacturer/distributor directly about this question - it may depend on which unit/manufacturer you are dealing with, etc.

You know, it depends on where you are at with resources, intent, and budget, etc. You will find that not everyone agrees, even the best researchers :) I think you will find however, that some of the best in this area are working together, at least in that, they are sharing, and supporting one another, even if they may not totally agree on every detail :) And when I say that, perhaps regarding the three I consider at the top of this area of research, though there are other's involved in manufacturing the devices at the top of this feild, such as the ABPA, F165, and so on... My experience, which is ongoing, is leading me to a radionics device in conjunction with the Fscan, F165, ABPA, and so on... quite a long ways from having started with an RSG-1 some years ago. It's amazing, and on another level entirely - but no matter who you are, or where you are, 1 out of 2 of us will deal with Cancer in this lifetime (stats) and it's now the leading cause of death, and you'll find Dr. Clark, Dr. Loyd, Dr. Sutherland, and others out there (Shulze, Rogers, etc. etc.) all focused to some degree (a GREAT degree) on this... it's not as easy as buying some device and expecting that tool to do all the work for you... I maintain that the other protocols, and therapies in tandem, as they do, and so on, is a more likely successful approach - and what is success? A cure? Living a full life with zero to minimal interference or impediment from a disease or illness? Everyone will have to answer that question for themselves.

All things considered... welcome to the forum, and keep up the great work. I am sure other's will have some important and helpful experiences too... and information.

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