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Re: repetitive problem

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Andreas Moritz Views: 4,654
Published: 20 years ago
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Re: repetitive problem

Dear Zule,

You are a very sensitive and special person who has come into embodiment for a number of reasons that may or may not be known to you.

Your have been going from place to place because your spiritual energies have strong healing powers and need to be shared with your world. Your presence can bring out both the "best" and the "worst" in those you meet. The "best" means, it can open people's hearts, and the "worst" means it can trigger the release of their own shortcomings and misgivings. One of the ways you do that is to be a mirror for others, so that they can face themselves. This includes their shadow selves and weaknesses.

Instead of seeing this a repetitive problem, you can just as well see this as a repetitive solution. You have old connections (karmic) with those you have lived with, meaning, there are spiritual contracts between you to help one another become more complete and self-aware. This can include "hissing" at one another.

If some people don't like they way you behave or live your life, they have a problem with themselves, either because they would like to live like you do, but they don't dare, or it reminds them of their own limitations. For example, you can only get upset about someone else's impatience if you are impatient yourself. Likewise, you can only judge someone as being selfish when you have the same judgment of yourself, or if you don't dare to be selfish (because we are not supposed to, or so says society).

There is nothing wrong about being impatient or selfish. Most often, the real selfish people are the one that don't care about themselves or love themselves. They put themselves last, yet they try to serve everyone and help everyone so they are loved and appreciated. A healthy selfish person doesn't have that need. As the saying goes, love thy neighbor as thou lovest thyself. Make youself as happy as you can and you will naturally like doing this to others, too. But the discomfort comes up if we don't allow ourselves to be all of that. So naturally we don't others to be that way either (because that just reminds us of our own limitations. So the really selfish person would naturally recognize selfishness in others. A self-fulfilled doesn't recognize selfishness in others. He sees low self-worth instead, which triggers compassion in him.

By giving yourself the permission to make mistakes in your life, to be impatient, to be selfish, to be poor, irritable, anxious, anything, you automatically will allow others to do the same things. Take your weaknesses one by one and show them to the world, and you will see them disappear. And so will your conflicts with others. All that takes is a little courage. Accept your good sides and bad sides and be proud of both. And foremost of all, see the fear that drives a person into putting you down or criticizing you. Criticism is never directed at someone else. It always reflects the fear of not being good, strong or powerful enough. As soon as you are seeing that fear in the other, you are helping him/her, simply by understanding where he/she is coming from. It triggers compassion rather than irritation.

Lastly, I don't want to tell you how to live your life, but you may benefit from seeing every problem as a potential blessing in disguise, for that is what they are. Stop figuring out the "why" behind everything, especially behind what you consider to be a problem. Every time you catch yourself questioning why this, why that, what's wrong, etc., just let go of the need to figure it all out. trying to figure things out only increases fear and doubt. Let it be, and the blessing behind it will show up.

You are an ancient healer who came here for a purpose. Without knowing it, you are triggering people to take their next step in life. Trust that you are always at the right place at the right time. Questioning yourself, others, or situations in your life will not change that, only it will make you feel different. You may either feel the joy of happiness or the sadness and depression of unhappiness.

There is nothing wrong about you or the way you live your life, but the choice of how you perceive it is yours, and therefore, the way you feel is your own making, too. I believe, the unspoken messages in my book Freedom from Judgment may help you substantially, (provided you resonate with this). Spiritually, you are doing well and are right on track; all it needs is a little adjustment in the way you perceive your life.

With many blessings,

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