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First: listen to Mtnndww, then listen to me.
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Published: 19 years ago
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First: listen to Mtnndww, then listen to me.

You seem like a nice person....

But like most of us at one time or another in life, insecure.

And having just enough "woman" in you to play that "Get Even" game when the SO CALLED Boyfriend was sniffing around another door by calling the EX......

Mtnndww is totally correct. Exes are XXX's......and should be in Texas.........UNLESS that is where you live.

First of all, learn to live alone if necessary for a while. This stinking modern age where people shack in and shack up at the drop of a hat is nothing but a doomsday scenario for future civilization.

That may be too lofty for you right now, but it's true. Marriages were supposed to be built on friendship and mutual interests and sex became the icing on the cake of that happy joy of just enjoying the other person for the talk, the security, the love that was brought into play by the gentleness of romance, not a fast hand on a breast, a couple of oooh oooh's, and back seat Chevy city, then move in together.

That is one helluva way to try to "know" another person, for the tension of sexual newness is filled with the possibility of misunderstanding as it is, and only when friendship has been well established, can it be the most beautiful thing on earth.

To love a woman, who loves her man is the very epitome of bliss, but it takes time to develop not only the friendship and love and patience with one another, but it takes time to form a stunning sexual relationship that is not some neurotic escape or release or game playing or guile or trade off or "you owe me" or anything at all like that. Furthermore, as two people, the SAME two people practice the art of love with patience, each provides to the other, not only that quiet joy and wonder of touch and smells and sighs and pillow talk, but actually, through secretions, each provides to the sexual apparatus of the other, the means whereby the proper amount of blood flow to "where it counts" is maximized so that the pleasure is enhanced as the YEARS and Decades go by. Sex is NOT for the young only.

The p 0 r n generation has convinced young people that athletic performance and domination defines sex. Not so at all, quite the contrary, for sex p 0 r n does NOT favor the tender love to a woman that a REAL MAN seeks to provide, but nearly always shows the violence that underlies the typical sex scene.

What you don't know is that most of the time, the women are on drugs or else they are taking meds of one kind or another to dull the hurt. Emotionally and physically.

And along comes a nice girl, whose "boyfriend" has been harmed by p 0 r n and treats her like he sees on film or video, which is far from tender and giving, but is quite often inflicting pain on those women, who are dulled or grit their teeth and think about the two thousand dollars they are getting.

They don't see, and young people do not look ahead to those days when they have incredible bowel troubles, not just from disease, but have done great harm to an area that was not designed for violent shoving, etc.

NO, you don't see the forty year old video whores when they are on meds, sick and have to wear diapers again to keep the you know what from leaking out their rears, and have a perpetual pelvic infection that doctors cannot cure........but then doctors cannot cure anyway.

You dont see the guys who have broken their penis....yes, you can do that, and thereby have done great harm to a very delicate organ, not intended to always take those wild things that p 0 r n people assume are normal.

p 0 r n producers do not care, for they can now easily ring in another crop of young women, who are so twisted that they consider getting in front of ANY camera to be a way to the top.

Well, it is, for they get two minutes ten seconds "on top", before they are degraded at the "end".

With true marial bliss love and sex, there is no "end" for the romance is always with you.

Walk away from this and DON'T SELL YOURSELF SHORT.

Learn to live alone and rid yourself of the thought that you "have" to have a man with you, for that is a form of serious negative self worth. If you keep that, you will NEVER make mature judgements where men are concerned.

Remember that most dating game men today are spoiled rotten by women who give them everything too easily and they begin to think they are "the worlds" gift to women.

And with each woman they grow more and more into that sicko so called macho attitude that makes a REAL man want to deck their butts for selling out true manhood and giving women a false impression of what manhood is all about.



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