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Dating a movie star
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Published: 17 years ago

Dating a movie star

So I met this rich/famous movie star who lives in country different from my own (although we both obviously speak the same language :P) at an autographing thing (when she was in my country for filming) and she gave me her AIM/email and all that good stuff because apparently I made a great first impression and she wanted to get to know me better (cool huh?). So I've been keeping in contact with her for about 6 months or so (minus 4 weeks during which I was without internet access) and I'm starting to really like her (and yeah I realize how silly it sounds to start liking someone merely through internet relations but anyways...) There are a few problems with my situation and I'm not sure exactly how to approach them. First off she lives in another country which quite obviously poses a pluthera of problems. Secondly I'm not quite sure how to tell if she likes me in the same way I like her because I obviously can't see her body language or hear her tone of voice when she says stuff like "ok then I love you as a friend" when I tease saying that I know she's madly in love with me (great stuff eh?) and similar situations, so perhaps some internet guru can explain how I am to judge emotions over the internet if that's even possible?... Thirdly (--yes that is a word :P) She's a movie star so even if I were to find some way around the aforementioned obstacles, she would be so busy with filming and all that jazz that it really wouldn't be much of a relationship... And finally, I enrolling in the Naval Academy which will claim me for the next 9 years with a total leave time of about 6-8 months (again obviously unhealthy for a developing relationship)... I know its probably asking the impossible because this relationship more than likely just won't find a way to work itself out, which is why I'm coming here for advice, but I want to kind of "test-the-waters" a bit but I'm not sure how exactly...(usually I don't make it to the relationship stage before moving on to the next lovely lady :)) and perhaps move on to a serious relationship...ANY advice would be appreciated because I'm overall at a complete loss of ideas.......

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