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Am I in denial or is it just wrong?
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Published: 17 years ago

Am I in denial or is it just wrong?

Ok. To start off with, any of my friends that I talk to about my relationship say that I should break up with my boyfriend or move out ordo something along those lines. I acknowledge their opinions but tell myself that they are failing to recognize that we do have our loving moments.

We have lived together for a year. We both moved to the area from different places in the state. Before he lived in this state, he lived in two others. He has had a rough time adjusting to the area and sometimes talks about moving to his home-state...but when I ask if I can go with him, he says no. I don't think he is going to move and he says that if it weren't for me he would have left a long time ago.

We've had a few major issues and short break ups where one of us moved out or planned to move out...but were never gone for more than a day or so. For a while we were broken up and still living together.
Lately he just seems to be less affectionate and we haven't had sex in two weeks and I'm about to go nuts over it. I understand he needs his space and I try not to be clingy, but I just want to know he's not thinking about leaving me.
He doesn't express his emotions and he's been dishonest before because he thought it would keep me from getting hurt.
He explains that he doesn't think we need to have sex all the time and that it's all I ever ask for. I buy him everything he wants, do everything he wants and just...give anything to make him happy.

The thing is that I'm just really starting to worry that, since our financial situation isn't all that great currently and we are struggling, living from paycheck to paycheck, it might be possible that he really doesn't want to be with me anymore but he needs to keep a roommate because he can't do it himself.
I've found him on two occasions (one recently and one in february)telling someone that he wishes he was single again or that he is sick of being with someone. How can you be sick of having someone there for you that will do anything for you and has done everything? I just don't get it. And sometimes I feel like his mother minus the telling him what to do.
I kind of feel like he's the one wearing the pants in the relationship but I'm the responsible one that should be in charge of certain things; hence our financial situation. He has anger issues.

I just don't know what to do or how to talk to him about things I need to know. I love him to death and he's the man I want to marry me and I hate being almost certain that he doesn't feel the same way.

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