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Re: Lost (Again)
Ayehasherayeh Views: 2,057
Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Lost (Again)

Hello Lee,

I must preface by saying I admire your moniker "Continuum Force." Causes one to believe that you have an endless abundance of what you need within. I considered changing my own to "Focused Energy" yesterday as my son was playing pokemon on his gameboy and kept shouting Focused Energy! as I would pass by.

The ability to harness and master Focused Energy from the place of that Continuum Force is something that should be quite beneficial to both you and I.

I don't usually read in this forum yet as I was passing through something triggered with your name and manifesting relationships, when I read I saw the similarities with my own self.

I was in a pretty similar spot, not admitting to wanting a relationship because of past hurt and future worry, not really caring about sex etc... yet somehow realizing that touch is very important, as well as sitting in silence especially with yourself or someone you see as yourself is very important. One day 2 years ago my 4 year old told me I should create someone for myself who was "Just like me inside" I determined rather than labels or stereotypes or what other people might like, that in my mind I would create her to simply have the same one desire that was inside me, that being "Unconditional love" never mind that my son pointed to a television (I think Buffy the vampire slayer was playing)and said "I think she should look like that pretty teenager" nevermind that I agreed and she does indeed resemble that very pleasant looking teenager who happened to be on the screen. My son and I then got my 6 year old son to join and closed our eyes and visualized and my 4 year old said I should feel her lying next to me on my pillow. This is when I first began to use focused energy and to this day I know I have a lot to focus!

So communicating online with someone who felt very much like and is indeed very much like myself caused us to be connected on many different levels ultimately and we quickly realized that the similarities stemmed from the fact that we indeed deserve the same thing which is unconditional love.

There are very good things about meeting and communicating online even amongst the uncertainties you have mentioned of hiding behind the computers. Amongst them is that a higher connection can be established without the interruption of the senses, for instance I previously thought that I was attracted to a certain body type, my eyes told me I wanted ample flesh and curves everywhere for my sense of touch to be satisfied. My ears told me that I wanted to hear a certain strength in the voice so I was looking at stereotypes and missing out...

You mentioned that she wanted to speak by phone. I communicated for many months with myself (which is what I call her) and being with yourself is the way we feel it should feel like. If this is uncomfortable one must learn to love themselves more which is what we are taught and have experienced. This also exists on a continuum and is we communicated online for months before she asked for the gift of sound through my voice. It was the most energetic event I had experienced. I could not understand but every few words she was saying because of the soft quality of her voice combined with a bit of accent but her voice sent signals that had never been sent before to locations I had not known were in existence. I was opened up like I had only seen in my dreams. We communicated through the next sense by using the gift of smell by sending a parcel with...well the gift of smell.. We did not know what each other looked like physically and by the time we decided to experience the remaining senses sight, touch and taste we combined and experienced them at the airport where focused energy brought us together.

I'm kind of telling my story moreso than giving advice because I see you have already received excellent advice. I just wish you to add the power of focus... Focused energy brought us together from many miles away, when we look back we often see that situations good and bad occurred that lined things up quite quickly although at times we felt quite desperate and confused and still at times do. We realize however that this is the nature of things and yes the present moment or Now is the key to living. Forget the finances the worries about physical looks and self esteem all of this is overcome when operating from the place inside.

As I said as we corresponded for many long months we did not know what each other looked like we did eventually give descriptions on the phone and I did cheat and see a picture of her that she had sent me (with the promise to not look) a week before we met, yet she arrived at the airport and I did not need to have seen her picture because her eyes were the first ones that I met and there was such a recognition there that is beyond description. We spent just this Monday at the beach experiencing all the senses. We even sat for a while in silence soaking and basking not only in the sun but in ourself which is most gratifying and comfortable when you love yourself.

This is what focused energy can do in addition to learning that indeed full body orgasms do exist and can be triggered by a soft accented voice, focused energy can bring two together as one over any distance, or even timeline...I believe with the amount of energy within she could just as well have come from another dimension or timeline and just may have...I asked for myself and got myself in the form of a beautiful woman.

I wish you first that from that inner Continuum force that you continually find ways to love yourself. You need no attachments this way I wish that you see your love for yourself in her being, and that you both pass this love back and forth and that it grows and indeed becomes a Continuum force, I wish that with Focused energy that it develops into the highest form of unconditional love. Allow everything to be as it is and all unfolds from that being. There is much more that focused energy can bring and perhaps one day you shall read the rest of the details in our book. And one day we shall also read of your manifestations in your own book of life.



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